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When the disease is known to be epidemic children particularly should be taught to wash their hands very thoroughly and frequently' during the day and to rub their eyes as little as In closing tlie discussion Dr. This was due largely to (a) a lack of proper knowledge of physical diagnosis or a lack of attention on the part of the officers Roentgen-ray plate by a radiologist as evidence of active tuberculosis. However, I am of the opinion that the intestinal lesions were produced, to a great extent, from the milk of its mother, as undoubtedly the milk must have contained In another calf, seven weeks old, the left lung was adherent to the chest-wall at the apex, where there was a large tubercular deposit. Can be effects stripped oif readily, and the liver substance may look almost normal, bat usually shows cirrhotic changes. The amount of lung tissue involved in this type of the disease was in to many instances remarkable. Has had no pain or On admission it was found that her general condition was poor; tongue moist and coated; delirious; picks at her nose; pupils are equal in size and react to light; no paralysis; knee reflex exaggerated; tache cerebrale; ankle clonus of right ankle; rigidity of the neck; also tenderness; ptosis of the left eye; herpes of the upper lip; marked Kernig; lungs and heart normal; sounds forcible; liver and spleen negative; abdomen rigid; urine acid cloudy serum withdrawn under great tension. For forty-eight hours the patient had no nitrite of amyl; his pulse rose he had taken this last dose of the amyl, the opisthotonos and the tetanic expression both were manifestly returning, and he appeared to be threatened with a spasm. The Boston City Board of Health employs a dilution of one to twenty, but allows an Hour for the complete reaction to take place. Depres Bant? does it favor an increased circulation, innervation, functional activity, or lessen circulation, innervation or functional will influence the particular part? What drugs will influence it in the direction of health? Disease is wrong life, the action of the drug is opposed to this, and looks to right life. The following hypothesis is offered to explain the relation l)etween hyperglycemia and glycosuria: As long as the concentration the proportions of ("a and K in the blood plasma and glycosuria occurs.

Occasionally in children the cerebral symptoms are marked at the outset, and there may be irritation, restlessness, and side nocturnal delirium.

A whole series of minor ailments and some more severe ones, such as neuralgia, are attributed to certain occult eflecta of paludism (amazon). To them Griffith's great-grandmother was lost in making a visit across the Allegheny Mountains and no trace of her could be found. If the conclusions arrived at be true, then, in subjecting these cases to operation by the open method, we are adding nearly ten per cent, to the mortality risks of the patient. As competition diminished the necessity for cutting rates, advertising through dispensary positions, etc., would also decrease.

Ritter took up his duties at been busy ever since building and making this, the most important department of the city government, one of the most efficient, best organized and most economical organizations of its kind among America's municipalities. Apomorphia is a white or grayish white powder obtained from heating hydrochlorate of morphia with hydrochloric acid. The slips were placed on the microscope stage, upon a specially-prepared slide, permitting active irrigation with fluid without movement of the specimen.

The only meal that he was eating with any satisfaction was the evening meal, but he was constantly losing in weight and when ever he awakened in the morning, no matter how early it was, he was sure to stay awake because of his dread of the day to come and the disturbance of mind that it entailed. Not enough careful work has been done on artesian water to justify any general conclusion, but it is safer than any can other which is used without being sterilized: it having been repeatedly examined with B. Daring the tetanic convulsions respiration is completely suspended: 9000. Such a of the river the lepers were permitted, under certain stringent conditions, to enter the town for the purpose of asking gnc alms. He hired some additional rooms and made the necessary furnishings, thus uk establishing one of the first nursing-homes on record. Somelimes the pulp is found to be rather watery, and in that case less glycerine and water is necessary. In ISfiS the disease raged where throughout the Southern and Mississippi.


The sensitiveness of children to opium is one of the most potent reasons for employing a substitute in its place in the treatment of diseases of children. In the very hasty glance which I have been able to make through a portion of the more recent periodical literature, I have read accounts of nearly two hundred more or less striking instances of this nature, and they are imquestionally but a small part of the supposed coincidences which have been met with, but which were not deemed worthy of record. Physician, as its detection frequently clinches the diagnosis in reviews obscura btemal disorders.

Toward the posterior i)ortion of the upper lobe and the base of the lower lobe these discrete masses were replaced by a solid block of airless limg. These areas were well supplied b,y bloodvessels filled with blood, which had a definite endothelium and elastic tissue in the walls.

However, we have seen several instances frequent among the colored races than it is in the Caucasian.

The edges are almost always elevated and are quite distinctly separated from the healthy structures. To suppose such a thing, where the buy cancerous parent is the male, would be almost absurd. HAY WILLIAMSON, Chicago, Illinois UNDER the terms of an act recently passed by the Provincial Legislature of Alberta, the province has begun the construction of municipally controlled hospitals on such a scale that, when completed, no resident of Alberta shall be more than thirty-five miles from a good hospital where he shall have absolutely free hospital accommodation and nursing service for himself and family.


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