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They side contain iron (Barker) and are probably albuminous. Finally the optic nerve fibers become atrophied from stoppage of sleek circulation and pressure of exudation. The palato-pharyngeus muscle had nothing to do can with the tube. The fat action begins two hours or more after administration, and reaches its height three hours later. The water was in generally very good, and sufficient for the season.

The best position of the patient in relation to the focus tube for cardiographie illustrates an average tracing of costco the heart on the anterior surface of the chest wall. Parenchymatous and intestinal nephritis are misnomers, as the process is reviews really diffuse. At my next visit I learned that the girl had effects had convulsions after my visit, and had passed a sleepless night. To the array of names already in use, review ill-chosen because they are misleading, I have had the temerity to add another. I have always found the Chinese cases most amenable to advanced treatment. Cla - it is in cloudy urine that the control of a clear, crystal-like liquid below the urine above emphasizes the beauty of the reaction in the zone of contact. A little later, to use formula her own words, she"broke out in splotches all over her body." She went to the doctor again and he prescribed some"blood medicine," after which the spots healed. Cuts - the work is a valuable addition to the library of either the student or the practitioner. Lean - examination of the abdomen reveals no abnormal masses, no rigidity, and no shifting dulness. Its pyriform shape; its position in relation to the it can hardly be anything other than a distended and gall-bladder. It was now decided to establish brigade liospituls in the bomb belly proofs in and around the forts, if an action with the enemy should call for their existence.

During the siege, r.ll men who wore wounded were conveyed on stretchers or cari'ied by hand to tho medical depot in the rear of the trenches, whence, after the proper fighter attention, they were transferred to tho division li-.;ld hospital further in the rear, where tho proper amount of water and shelter could bo obtained.


Nystagmus hardly occurs in ordinary ataxia, it is buy not even mentioned by Leyden among the symptoms. Their fears are undefined ("I feel as if I had committed a crime, dreamweaver and as if some misfortune were going to happen to me," etc.).

It, therefore, threatens the work of the State agricultural experiment stations almost in the same powder manner as it does the work of this department. In view of the slight cutaneous development of the eruption in his own case, he "you" thinks it probable that it was the peripheral portions of the trigeminal branches that were affected, and that the lingual herpes was due to an extension of the inflammation from the trunk of the facial nerve to the chorda tympani.

In some cases a piece gnc of lint saturated with chloroform, was placed on the epigastrium, producing rapid and severe counter irritation. Parkes called attention to, in regard to different where missiles moving at different speeds, and character of wounds they produce. J., County Medical Societies; Androscoggin, Maine, County Medical Association (Lewiston); College of Physicians of Philadelphia (Section in Otology and Laryngology); Baltimore Academy of Medicine; Medical Society of the Wednesday, June ad: American Medical Association (second day); Maine Medical Association (first dayPortland); Indian Territory Medical Association (second day); New York Academy of Medicine (Section in Public Health); Harlem Medical Association of the City of New York; Society of Alumni of Bellevue Hospital; Medical Microscopical Society of Brooklyn; Medical Society of the County of Richmond (Stapleton), day); Rhode Island Medical Society (Providence); Maine Medical As.sociation (second day); New York Academy of Medicine; Brooklyn Surgical Society; Society of Physicians of the Village of Canandaigua, N (midsection).

The protein relation of refractive errors to diseases of the eye and its appendages has been considered in communications Ircm seme of our best authors.


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