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These they read with deep interest, but how will a doctor permanently cure without removing the cause, and how, except by fortunate accident and with the aid of long-suflering nature, will he remove a cause without a thorough knowledge of it? In short, the laudable tendency of modem medicine to eradicate causes renders it incumbent upon the physician to read the very portions of reviews his literature which the above example slighted. T think the point to be understood biglietto is this: That the solu tion of this question lies in an early and accurate diagnosis. This investigation has been going on for the past six months in the laboratory of the SheflSeld Scientific School, the experiments being made upon twenty-seven men of whom six were professors and instructors in Yale amazon University, thirteen were soldiers detailed, as volunteers for the service, from the United States Hospital Corps, and eight were Yale students selected on account of their proficiency in athletic exercises.

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