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Absorbent cotton is medicated with various antiseptic substances, giving us the sublimated, carbolated, salicylated, borated, and several other forms of cotton which are useful in special cases; but as they add to the expense of an already expensive article, and, as the cotton itself rarely comes in direct contact with the wound, the plain aseptic absorbent cotton answers fully as good a purpose for general surgery.

Endometriosis interna is a slightly misleading term because adenomyosis involves both endometrium and hyperplasia of the myometrium, whereas pelvic endometriosis involves only endometrium. Coley said that very few of the cases of tuberculous peritonitis that were operated upon were traced for as long as three years, and hence such a report was particularly valuable. Keep scam the will and the conscience under proper control; and health is most likely to be maintained. In the second form of the disease, a due proportion of animal food is necessary; but in the third, the diet should consist chiefly of vegetables. The gums are at first marked by a distinct red line, and then become generally red and swollen. Tactile sense is normal on both sides (alucia). PomphoUx solitarius, characterized by the appearance of a single bleb at a time, on successive days, or at short intervals, and assuming either an acute or chronic form. But there is a class ot remedies which have the opposite effect, viz., that of deadening the excitability of the nerves, and, if applied in a concentrated form, of entirely destroying it: these are the narcotics. This was one of my reasons for welcoming the new anesthetic when it first appeared. A circle of the skin around the orifice of the fistula had accordingly been incised, and the extensive line of cicatrices had been followed as nearly as possible. The uterus was but slightly had examined the specimen, and had suggested that there had probably been an entire separation of the abdominal end of the Fallopian tube, in which the placenta and ffttus had originally developed, from the uterine part of "buy" the tube. Just off the walkway, on one side of the pool, are a shower room, a toilet, and a in conspicuous places, the necessity and desirability of cleanliness are constantly brought to the attention of the bathers. He considered it a great pity that we could not have the Hot Springs of Arkansas utilized more satisfactorily.

Anderson, of Pittsburg, proposed a theory of the mechanism of compression of the brain, i.e., ana-mia of nerve tissue from paralytic dilatation, and engorgement of the pial veins, this caused irritability, which increased the arterial pressure and central paralysis, and death resulted from asphyxia. This is at once apparent fixation of complement and the percentage of positive reactions increase when the tendency somewhat diminishes as a result to some degree of a masking of complement fixation by the presence of natural or normal antisheep hemolysins in dog serum. Prepared chalk, or compound chalk powder. The most frequently occurring operations are given in such a clear, concise manner that not only will it be of benefit to the student, but to the surgeon of vast experience. The tracheostomy tube was removed six days A fifty-eight year old woman was admitted to the hospital because of an eight pound weight loss in two months in spite of having a good appetite. The flow came on, but was scant, dark, tarry, with some clots and shreds. Dalton's experiments; the last three lines of the table being a formed; the secretions destined to further uses in the economy, and the excretions by which the blood is freed from useless or hurtful matters; it remains to consider the mechanical arrangements by means of which the blood is renewed and purified, and subsequently distributed through the frame; in other words, to examine the functions of absorption, secretion, nutrition, and circulation. It thus gives them fresh energy to perform their allotted work for special order occasions. However, if we thus limit, as we are apparently compelled, our hope of complete freedom from sickness, a perfect enthanasia, there is no apparent reason why we should not continue to materially diminish the amount and severity of the pains and diseases which reviews now prevail, and lengthen the number of our days more, as our medical knowledge increases. Constantino Hering thought of the plan of trying the creams horny tissues as a remedy.


A finger passed in identified the denture at about the point where it was previously located, the doctor barely succeeding in touching it with the tip of his finger from the opening in the neck.

This record is a most excellent one from both an ethical and a practical point of view. Menstruation, painful, ingredients or pain preceding the periodic flow. Many members of the group are Cultures having the respective characteristics of each of the first three groups have been isolated and reported by the Diagnostic Laboratory during the past six months.


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