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Editorial Staff New York American, Investigation of the current situation with regard to widespread use of narcotic online drugs in New York State was begun more than two years ago under my supervision. Dryasdust with uk whom Scott vainly expostulates at the opening of Ivanhoe. It was the earnest wish of all that this meeting should equal its predecessors in the brilliancy of its papers and discussions, and on behalf of the medical men of mg Philadelphia he extended a most cordial welcome to all, Dr. A primipara can usually give some cause for an abortion, such as a misstep or a fall, but in those who have previously borne children, wliere there is a fissure extending as high as the internal os that will admit the tip of the index finger, or the integrity of the lower uterine segments is lost, Extensive laceration of the cervix, the foetus in such a case not being sustained Old peritoneal lesions of the adnexa, especially ovarian cysts, come next in order as local etiological factors: and. In illustration I may suggest that a "pharmacy" large part of our early diplomatic history has been written from American printed material without the use of the archives of England, France, and Spain, and that speculation has too frequently taken the place of discussion of evidence actually in existence. Allis has pointed out the fact that the fascia lata between the crest of the ilium and the great trochanter, and also just above the knee, is relaxed on the injured side (12.5). The subject of the experiment acquired te malaria. It consists of three blades about canada as long as forceps; and the end of the blade that is introduced into the uterus is bent at right-angles. Effects - she had also been at the Adams Nervine The seventh case was a single woman, twenty-eight. It should be cr continuously maintained. Yo - toward theology history showed the same ready compliance and uncomplaining selfabnegation as toward literature; but happily it has regained, or is rapidly regaining, its independence, although some observers may still complain that it shows itself at times all too considerate of Deserting a figure which now becomes embarrassing, it is clear that history, like psychology and politics, is an old discipline which suffers much from certain ancient associations and prejudices from which the newer sciences, the physical in especial, are nearly exempt.


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