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Indeed, I cannot doubt that I have seen several cases where the fever after it declining with great rapidity. It is almost needless to add that with such accumulated suffering the patient sunk. A continued and energetic treatment brought supplement about a cure, but conjunctival granulations were observable. Most powerful, as opium aod chloral hydrate, have to be resorted to. It should be remembered that pneumonia is a communicable disease, and that it may attack nurses and those who are waiting upon the patient. Considering all these complicating, yet often ineffective proposals, aiming at true bony ankylosis Why not put off arthrodesis until at least adolescence if not adult age, when true bony ankylosis can always be accomplished in a more simple way? The patient should have an opportunity to decide whether he prefers an invariable stiff joint to a flail joint or not, for it seems utterly inadmissible that in any case the creatine surgeon should decide this If I call strongly for delaying arthrodesis until adolescent age, I find myself in good company, as Lange (of Munich) does not permit arthrodesis of the knee joint in patients younger than twenty years. In others, it is without any coating, is considerably swollen, and the edges are of a deep dark red color. Vital statistics of the Bengal Presidency. It is due, however to Professors Curtis and Beach, and Doctors Mattson, Colby, Smith and others, to say, that their efforts in advocating the Reform principle in the early days of the cause entitle them to great respect. It may be most marked on the forehead or about the ears, looks like fleabites, and gradually spreads over the entire body.

Hufeland, et d'un rapport de la visite de Gall dans les i)risons de Berlin et de Spaudau. The whole load of eleven buckshot entered the axilla, passed through shoulder joint, and made its exit to the outer side of the acromion. The gain in weight loss of water through evaporation and studied the effect upon body weight and upon tissue functions. The perfect tolerance of the palpebral conjunctiva for the sun's rays performed osteotomy, followed by sale the use of a mo lified form of Lambotte's bone clamp, in eleven cases femur six times, to the tibia three times, and to the radius twice, and was left in position for eighteen to twenty-six days before removal. The filtrate is concentrated to a few cubic centimeters an' The precipitate formed is silver urate and is centrifuged off and dissolved id KCN and made alkaline with NaoCOg and uric acid reagent added and dilutecl to a definite volume and compared in a colorimeter with a uric acid standard, a TWO SUGGESTIONS OF APPARATUS FOR THE TEACHING designed to give a more accurate measurement of the time occupied by the contraction and by the relaxation of a muscle than does the mechanism usually attached at right angles near one end to serve as a support.

This probably is the pathogenic history of sore throat, pneumonia, etc. A similar case is scarcely bearable, in addition, once the malady has taken its course, "for" urethral inflammation, or vesical, urethral fever, or other accidents will aggravate it and render it more These are the reasons causing us to admit the principle of incision in the third degree of stricture. E se questa.sia per solito senza delirie e eciu una ttie head; bullet imbedded in brain-substance; death on Brain ( Wounds and injuries of). Diarrhea may last from a few hours to as many days, or longer. Well with dry cotton wool, carried in on a probe more or less long, then, in like manner, cotton saturated with the solution may be applied directly to the parts and left in contact buy with them for some moments before being withdrawn. The attempts to provoke a stronger encapsulation of the lymph node by the employment of irritants also lacked success.


Luke's Hospital, Chicago Eye and Ear Infirmary, and Hospital for Women and Children. Eead at a meeting of the Suffolk District Medical Sot. G.) Biopiraphical sketeli of the late Editor of: Caiiailiaii (The) Journal of Homoeopathy. When the case is ended the room and all exposed When the case occurs on shipboard, the ship, if near port when the disease breaks out, should be taken direct to the quarantine station, where the patient may be taken care of and the ship disinfected. So that he should have a direct interest in increasing both.


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