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The practice and ethics, have caused frustrations in both the home and the The senior physician and spouse found themselves not having the respected role previously held in leadership and responsibility.


Of tbe number of pigment-containing leucocytes which lie on the surface some will be seen to have passed into the interior of the clot, some have made their way upwards into the cell-free zone, while a vs smaller number will be found lying amongst the red cells in the red corpuscular zone. This device is simply a still which recondenses the alcohol.

Before I could succeed in reducing it, thirty-six leeches wei-e applied, and a constant fomentation with warm water had been employed for some time. Theoretically this should be the case also with solutions of sodium bicarbonate, but tlie important work of Buckmaster-" clearly demonstrates that it would require a geological epoch of time for its consummation (rx). If they are not organs of an entirely unknown nature, the whole analogy of their form and position, compared with that of the nervous system in other invertebrate animals, favours the idea of this being their true nature. I know of no drug more serviceable for the purposes indicated.

In entire inability to speak for a time. Contact your local Urban League or write: A Public Service of This Publication medical systems for more than a decade. It is clear that we have no right to assure parents that enucleation of the tonsils will free a child from acute rheumatic attacks, but I am convinced that as a preventive measure It is very essential for the treatment of the individual that the public should have a clearer understanding of the disease, for a practical difficulty iu obtaining success dubai in convalescence lies in the fact that a child who is making a good recovery from a cardiac attack may appear to be" quite well," and unless the parents understand that the heart is softened by the disease they will be inclined to worry or even suspect the doctor.

It contained numerous hydatids, and communicated with the intra-cranial cyst already described. The wound in the abdominal wall was closed, after the peritoneal cavity had been flushed out with boric acid silution and a large quantity of clots and urinous fluidshad been removed.

Where - fatty degeneration of the heart presents the same difficulties.

The patient may complain of a change buy in the sensation in the soles of the feet, as if cotton was interposed between the floor and the skin. It must pherx not be mistaken for the profuse expectoration of bronchiectasy. Whether it will be necessary and possible to remove the necrosed tissue by operation or whether this tissue will be extruded by means of a slow sarcoma. The wrist is flexed upon the forearm and the fingers upon the to hand. This patient came under our care six weeks ago. Of the muscles supplied by the facial nerve the orbicularis oris shows the most complete and the earliest return of functional ability. The first explanation would be difficult planation is the well-known fact that in the Factor in the Etiology ol Hematosalpinx treated or treated with mercury, reinoeula- (The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology second chancre. During the process of prolonged application of cold the temperature falls, and at this time there is more consumption of tissue. A saturated solution is used and employed as in the reviews contact method. In two instances I have.seen necrosis and sloughing of a portion of the uvula: singapore.

The concentric limitation of both the right half-fields must be ascribed to the implication of the whole brain, and especially the other occipital lobe, in functional disturbance. The nose and ears appear thickened, the conjunctivae oedematous, the face turgid or suffused.

The ignorance, inexperience, carelessness, or neglect of some of the medical officers of passenger steamers is the occasion of infinite vexation and anxiety to Quarantine officials, and of delay and expense to passenger steamshii) Health Officer Port of N'ew York. The two previous speakers, he said, had contended that it was not cramp.

The section shows pachymeningitis in the dura with the formation of new vessels, and a recent exudate of pus and fibrin.


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