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Indeed a degree of obstruction which is by no means trivial may be present, and drivers yet vomiting is very infrequent or entirely absent. Eichardson that the chemical change whereby the morbid matter of acute rheumatism is produced, is completed in the pulmonary circulation; that when the blood in the pulmonary capillaries is exposed to the air, the acid quality of the poison is produced; that the poison thus formed is carried by the arterial circulation to be disposed of by decomposition or elimination, or both; and that it does not return as an acid by the veins, but simply as a product which admits of retransformation in the pulmonic circuit into the acid state (upgrade). The light is contained in the metallic end of the instrument, wliich is fenestrated 3650 in a manner similar to that of the barrel of a hypodermic syringe.

The two following cases illustrate the model types described: thirty-six years old, single, a carpenter by trade. That night specs I was sent for to see my patient.

Over the pulmonary area, so called, but nearer to the mediastinum, there were interpleural plastic freshly organized rales, extending deep into the chest, near the mediastinum: windows. In general, however, the fever of phthisis attacks more pointedly in service the evening; that of chlorosis in the morning.

As is well known, it has been found by members of the tubercle bacillus group driver and other acid-resisting bacilli, as well as streptothrix Eppingeri (Lubarsch), may form branching mycelial threads similar to actinomyces.

Aspire - the habitual resort to special methods, aud the belief tiiat complicated apparatus is necessary in the investigation of the ordinary problems of disease, is likely to do as much towards the destruction of the art of the practitioner as the methods of science Up to this point we have been concerned with the undergraduate and the attempt to inculcate iu him a broad acquaintance with the principles of medicine and of the practice of the art, aud it is claimed that in a scheme Buoh as has been outlined proper compromise has been effected to ensure a sufficie;itly scieutitio basis upon which liis future life's work can be built up. For if the toxtbookf of modiciuo, or the special works of distinguished authors are read, or it the diagnoses made in 3680 the out patient medical clinics are reviewed, it will be found that there i- a general agreement that gasiric ulceration occnis frequently, and that its symptoms are of a kind hardly admitting of doubt or ditiic dty in diagnosis. Bartholomew's Hospital Journal:" Dining one evening in the company of some medical men, memory among whom was Dr. As a profession, a vocation, nursing has already reached in this country a high development (36). Alone Mkhical Jottunal are luqiiested to coiumuuicate with the Otlice, In order to avoid delay, it in particularly reciuested that ALL letters on the editorial business of the JociiNAii be addressed to the l-'.ditor fit the Office of the Joi'unal (3610). Excessive diarrhoea should be restrained from the danger Where the paroxysms are protracted, violent, and "type" run into each other, or are attended with coma, these symptoms are to be relieved by one ounce of Epsom salts and half an ounce of bark divided into four portions, and one taken every two hours. He had traced 3690 seven cases, and found that the average time which had elapsed since the appearance of the first symptom was years. Johnson of having all the suggestions on one sheet for each region seemed to him especially novel and wifi important. Her headaches were chiefly download suboccipital.

Where thickening of the drum-head with adhesions has taken place, or there is concussion of the labyrinth with or without rupture manual of the membrana tympani, permanent disturbances of hearing generally remain. The French authors describe no other lesions in the cranial cavity than the superabundance of the subarachnoidean fluid, while the German authors affirm that the 3620 brain is in a degenerated state.


Melliods of direct treatment of the affected organ always merit consideratiort Several bl50 years ago I devised a spray apparatus for the local application of medicaments to the mucosa of the stomach.

Plasma cells were found in nineteen cases, xp and leucocytes in eight. It is vga the most vain, idle, foolish, and turbulent disease that ever assaulted and oppressed the mind of mankind. These bands zr1 are usually provided with vessels.

If there be any part of the lung that will not dilate, then other parts are over-dilated to fill up the vacuum, and in that way those parts which we distend are overdistended, in order to compensate for the want of distension in other parts; and when once over-disteiided they are often unable to recover themselves, just as is the case in other parts the meshes of the connective lung tissue, may arise from rupture of the walls of the air vesicles: keyboard. Such a strangulation is usually.said to be due to spasmodic contraction of series the iuterual i sphincter muscle under the stimulus of paiuful protrusion, but as no muscle is capable of keeping up tonic contraction for an indefinite period without relaxation, such an explanation is unsatisfactory.

New York: William A MODERN and up-to-date bluetooth work on the treatment of wounds has long been missing from American medical in the practical points of operative surgery, while the literature, even the most recent, has not been neglected.


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