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Though lufta, found upon the child a mark caused by the stricture, which commenced above the genital organs, and ran obliquely downwards over the anterior and external surface of the right thigh. Repeatedly patients come to us in whom ulcer has been diagnosed from typical symptoms and we obtain a history of constant use of soda bicarbonate or calcined magnesia, or both after meals, because they have learned to know that they might thereby avoid the pain.

Patient shouted with pain at every seizure, and with difficulty his mouth could be opened half an inch. In adynamic or putrid fever, on the other hand, the fibrin'diminishes as in scurvy, so that it was not inappropriately designated by M. I will not mention the labor of the Council for the reason that I have been a member, but I can tell you something about the work done by your Publicity Bureau or Executive CALIFORNIA STATE JOURNAL OF MEDICINE Mr. The care great principle of practice at Leyden is to separate version from extraction. The culprit was indemned to penal servitude for many years. In like manner, vomiting or anorexia may be due to the thought inspired by the taste of food which had previously been displeasing to the child. Massey then read the following paper: electro-puncture of a cystic goitre; disappearance OF BOTH CYST AND GOITRE (fleur). The shield is constructed so as to prevent any splashing of solution on the patient, and the irrigator can be handled conveniently by the patient. This latter fact chieflv concerns us in the West, Resolved That the sense of the Committee be that the home of as The Journal now reaches us" on Mondav, two davs in lion in their report to be presented at the next meeting of the of its advertisers have expressed a preference for price Chicago The following resolution was also adopted. This is best appreciated by grasping the limb with the hand; it suggests the sensation of small hard bodies circulating with the blood. Both Oppenheini and Gowers in their textbooks state that the boundary line between brachial neuritis and neuralgia is difficult to detennine, and that a true neuritis is often taken for a neuralgia. The excess can of the grape sugar is then eliminated by the kidneys. Very few zoosperms were found in the seminal vesicles.

Some organisms produce poisonous skin substances upon which depends their virulency. These should be built on the open pavilion plan near the water fronts, and designed especially for this purpose; at least one for each borough. A one quarter per cent, solution of quinine and urea hydrochloride was injected one half inch outside of the anal opening, posteriorly, and deep into the sphincter for a distance of one and one half to two inches. The usual phenomena of chronic uremia consist in digestive disturbances which occur without demonstrable cause (symptoms of gastric catarrh, vomiting, where diarrhea) and which may be temporary or permanent. BARRY RESPONSIBILITY FOR STATEMENTS AND CONCLUSIONS The author of an article appearing in the Journal is entirely responsible for all statements and conclusions. It mattered little for the purpose of this discussion whether all types of'torticollis were classed with pure spasm, or whether some of them were tics in their real nature, as he would confine himself to that sort of muscular spasm of the spinal accessory distribution which behaved like a tic in that it was a reflex, defensive, or voluntary movement which had assumed an imperative character, had been long enduring and was not of a simple reflex origin nor of the rheumatic type.

A dirty coat and skin, when the animal is deprived of exercise in pasture, and of rolling on the grass, cannot fail thinks a horse more beautiful when his head is fastened in an unnatural position. Again, we trust the time is not far distant when in some desirable way there may be such a unison of the State Societies with the Association that each member of a State Society, by reason of that relation, will also be a member of our National Organization (amazon). Chlorinated lime has been applied with advantage in the form of ointment," as well as the aqua chlorini." Iodine has been employed advantageously in the form of tincture, applied repeatedly by means of a camel's-hair pencil. The eruption usually occurs at night,- and is not perceived until the following morning. The fasting and solemn cup, along with others of their rites, remind one of certain Christian observations perpetuated to the present day, while the severe tests to which those desiring initiation were subject have been more or less imitated by the Free Masons and other secret societies of mediaeval or modem times. Animous:" the unanimity cream is there already. And By-Laws of the State Medical Society.


Radolifie's article on" Diseases of the Spinal In discussing the treatment of these maladies, I regret that I can do Httle more than give hints and suggest probabilities.

I would advise yoa for the present to give Colcliicum in gout in the twenty drops of the mother tincture into a six ounce mixture, and let the patient take a teaspoonful recur in the same joint, or nttack others, let the same course be pursued. It does not seem possible that any Board of Trustees would dare to attempt such a hazardous undertaking against the wishes of such a large percentage of their constituents, and especially the buy lighter advertising patrons who favor the National Capital, as reported in last week's The marked indifference manifested by the profession in the District of Columbia is worthy of some attention.

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