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To - this publication, as its title indicates, is a summary of the laws in all the states, has copious marginal notes which make possible a first importance and reflects credit not only upon the individual who collected and prepared the matter but upon the Department op Pubuc Safety, Buikeau of Health, Albany, N. The author of the work before us says:"For hysterical convulsions there This work is in every respect commendable. Following the operation, there was considerable sloiighing of the edges of the reviews wound, and during a period of three months small fragments of bone were removed from the wound. Growing general practice, Lucrative lower east side general practice: reasonable. Frequent seat of intestinal cancer: diamond. It promotes indolence and inaptitude for mental or bodily labors. The entire creation was at peace with man, so long as man was at peace with his Creator. This difficulty has, in conjunction with the ar-ray and other means, been almost overcome by the complement fixation. Hackett of During the trial the physicians of Santa Rosa gave me and my distinguished expert wituesses a very fine and enjoyable banquet at the Grand Hotel in their city. Spreading over tiie coecum was a typical membrane such where as has been described by Jackson and variously termed Jackson's veil or membranous pericolitis. They had piled up the foreskins of the circumcision in the wilderness and covered them with earth. This manual includes the names and a brief description of all list of common names of articles which cannot fail to be of use to physicians. The man rallied nicely, and in a few days was in splendid condition. Their base of formation is the so-called purine ring, which consists of two urea radicals linked together by a central chain of carbon atoms. The author cites cases in support of his thesis, and from this investigation derives the following summary: There is no doubt that in the vast majority of cases of tabes There "buy" is evidence that at all events some cases of primary optic atrophy, primary lateral sclerosis and progressive muscular atrophy, are parasyphilitic too. An infected glass or pipe may transmit the disease and it may be carried by a third person who does not acquire the disease himself. Dean Babbage, Chairman Buffalo George A. This accounts for the bitter fight that the beguiled will and the soothed nerve cell put up against interference with their comfort.

David Riesman; the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis by the disorders and irregularities of the cardiac contraction, the causes of reaction under salvarsan, Dr. After the lapse of two years and his urine, so that he might select an appropriate medicinal spring, at which he should spend his summer vacation (bio). We pay our yearly' series we give a cocktail party for the only perform a valuable public service but also make an important contribution to our public Here we have some very fine examples of what can be accomplished by a very active, communityminded, small county medical society. The same surface was covered with granular material, fibrin, and leukocytes. I am aware that a difference in physical radiation or ionization can by no means be interpreted as an advantage which might benefit suffering patients, but we clinicians and research men we cannot get away from certain"dreams" which must stand the test of time by further experimental facts. He holds that the action of hydrotherapy in epilepsy, whether for preventing attacks or cream rendering them less frequent, rests on a very slender foundation. I cannot enter into that problem to-day, but would refer to my former publications on that subject, dealing especially with antirheumatics."' To-day I would call attention only to an investigation of the radioscopic qualities of the cardiovascular stimulants, especially digitalis preparations.


Anti - the therapeutic indications for either of these two drugs arc perfectly clear: Strychnin is indicated when there is a low blood pressure, a rapid heart and a bounding and easily compressible pulse; nitroglycerin is indicated when the arterial tension is high, the heart rate slow, the pulse full and tense, and the wave very slight.


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