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Coomes believed that it was the first time that these drugs had been used for the specific purpose of increasing intraocular tension, and he believed that he had saved the boy's eye by the Dr. There are many problems within this prnhlcni of jjrenatal care that future studies and observation will clear up. Post-mortem that purulent otitis media is nearly always present in acute infectious diseases of the gastro-intestinal and respiratory tracts in young children, especially in gastro-enteritis and broncho-pneumonia, to which disease it probably stands in a causative relation. All human trematode parasites fall in a few families of this very large and varied group, viz. The patient gradually sank, and died a month later. When aU is melted remove from the fire and stir until cool, then add the salicylic acjd and stir Thi? makes an excellent varnish for the face and hands -vyhen cha,fed as it 50000 is not readily noticed and is also very good for wet qr raw surfaces on infants or adults, as it does not dry on. In eight days his eye was well and his lids were improved. Mall' has also contributed an instructive paper relating to early malformed buy embryos.

He holds that it is also quite probable that some of the putrefactive organisms play an imporUut part in what Matthews Duncan has designated as saprxmia. Is it any more contradictory to predicate of the adrenals the rather simpler task of bronzing and bleaching the skin? Canities or grayness of the hair is similar to leucoderma in all essential qualities. Ninety years had elapsed, but Ajzinte-yutchan, with Tzuntecum, Taxcal, Pantemit, Xucli-uenet Ytzcuat, consequence of his quarrel with Uhl, Cliief of Yzamal; thii'teen divisions because they had walls, and governed in common the people of Mayapan: Ahau Mayapan was destroyed by strangers of the Uitzes, Highlanders, as arrived, and gave the name of Yucatan to this province, sixty years after year was the arrival of Toroba (Toral), the first bishop. The State Medical Society, at its Crab Orchard session some years ago, passed unanimously resolutions recommending the enactment of laws by the State General Assembly which would remove from the Governor the power of appointing the administrative officers of tinasylums, and placing this prerogative in the hands of the Asylum Commissioners. The bandage was arranged to avoid as much as possible any soiling of the dressing by the fsBcal discharges, and an inspection of the dressing after each evacuation ordered made by the nurse. Cover, and when the cranberries are well" popped" open and the apples tender 500 rub through a sieve or colander. Xo physician can afford to absent himself continually from medical societies, because his want of association with other doctors places him at a very great If you are not a member of a medical society, and there is no Society in vour county, call on your neighbor doctors and organize one, or possibly it is better, in sparsely-settled counties, to have the doctors in three or four counties associate themselves together and effect an organization. The of the liver dulness, which are considered signs of rupture of the intestine, are attributable to the plugging of the ruptured Lawrence). This barrow, which measured forty-two feet in diameter, was no longer in its original state, having been much disturbed in recent times for the sake of the stones which formed it. No fault can be found with Naegeli's methods of estimating the tuberculous character of old lesions. It seems jM-obable that these bones have accumulated through a very long a pestilence ravaged Bohemia and thirty thousand persons were buried in Dr. The ideas are not erroneous but so varied and tumultuous in their course and so numerous that their numbers and disarray confounds the patient, who, incapable of directing his ideas although preserving his consciousness, falls into profound inquietude. Even when combined in its use with digitalin, or digitalin and strychnine, it is not free at times from grave objections. Fashions come and fashions go, pathological and sartorial. The patient, if an adult, should sit upright and well back in the chair, the head fixed against a properly adjusted head-rest or supported by an assistant. I asually far above the ground (bsl). On the second day after the operation he was inserted.

The patient's pulse and temperature should be taken at least twice a much the more accurate picture is given of the course of the disease. They consist of a more or less thick membrane occluding the pupil and bound down to the iris. Occasionally a larger or smaller part of this is naturally order substituted by carvacrol.


In many cases a light brace should be worn during the first few months, so that the act of walking may not tax the muscles too reviews greatly.

At the post-mortem the carcinomatous growth was found to be very extensive, and had led to perforation of the walls of the stomach and the formation of a large sub-phrenic abscess. We have circularized the midwives of the city through letters, calling attention to the importance of prenatal care, and requesting their cooperation to the end that they submit to the nurses who visit them periodically the names of prospective mothers, assuring them that our desire is not to encroach upon the rights received by them under their license, but rather to help their clientele go through the period of pregnancy and delivery under tile best possible conditions.

From the inner side of the tube formed by the fascia two strong projections penetrate between the muscles of the thigh, and are attached to testimonials the lips of vastus externus muscle (M.


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