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Statistics from both these sources are open to objection, yet, by combining them, some approach to the real condition of affairs may be hoped for. Laboratory facilities: The laboratories of physiology, pathology, chemistry, and anatomy are well equipped; the building is admirably kept, and there is evidence of independent activity on the part of the several instructors.

Order - thus it would seem that the potassium salt is best, and the lithia next, while piperazin and lysidin are inferior; and these results accord with Dr. During the prodromal stage, JRehn observed an eruption of pale-red, rather undefined spots on the mucous membrane of the cheeks, gums, lips, and fauces; and he exphdns the increase of temperature at the commencement as being the eruptiTe with an exacerbation of the fever; the pulse becomes more firequent, the bodily temperature rises to the highest point; in some cases there are convulsions.

The training is sufilcient neither for the vocational nor for the academic studies, especially the latter. The condition grew rapidly worse, with rapid pulse, subnormal temperature, tympanites, and loss of liver zenbev dulness.

Letters, newspapers, and articles of clothing may be disinfected by sprinkling them over with oxygenated eau de Cologne, or with any other oxygenated perfume. There is no other way of arousing the people to the point where these things will be demanded and provided for. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Dr.

Fermentations were considered to be caused by what was termed contact action: a body in a state of change (ferment) was said to communicate its state of motion to another body (fermentee) and cause its decomposition.

He had presented in his last illness a peculiar form of paralysis which had been considered at the time to be paralytic rabies.

Milk, which supply sufficient fat and Also, the swarming of flies that ocprotein, are cows' milk and meat. When the disease To avoid spread of the infection to other mucosae, the vulva, after having been dressed with iodoform or dermatol in powder or salve, was protected by a pad of sterile cotton, which was held in place by a T bandage, the clothing of the child being so arranged that the hands of the patient could not possibly come in contact with the genitalia. We held an exhibit in Fayetteville, the county seat, showing by means of panels, charts, models, and electrical devices, good methods of bathing, clothing and feeding young children.

Many patients then the other parts, the wedge-shaped, thin portioa of the cjst umj extend hr down into the pelris, and oootinne to canse the symptoms ci pressure on the pelvic organs. Receiving such an appointment, he may use the authority of the State of Maryland to hide any homicide committed The chances of punishment for criminal abortion are absolutely limited to the cases resulting fatally. This afiection attacks one or several herds or flocks in a locality, at any season and without apparent cause, excepting proximity. There was also a new growth affecting the pituitary body, which was probably the cause of the Dr.

It, therefore, zenbeve clearly belongs to the class of radical procedures that have so far been devised for the treatment of this trouble. Come home, we are glad to receive you.

The importance to the community of insisting upon the proper buy treatment of all cases of malaria cannot be too strongly emphasized, for an infected patient in a malarious district is a source of danger to those about him. High-bred oxen, sheep, pigs and even pampered horses are very sub; ject to fatty degeneration of the muscular substance of the heart and consequent dilatation of its cavities. Sometimes the contents of the nodules are absorbed; more commonly the skin either ulcerates or sloughs, and great destruction, occasionally extending even to the bones, is the consequence.


There ought to be added to the present requirement at least another year of training and I am convinced from the experience and practice of other states that four years is none too much.

Exposui-e to cold and wet, impure air, sudden thaws, etc., contribute to hasten its development.

Communications from the General Meeting of the Society.

Laboratory facilities: Homeopathic students receive their laboratory instruction together with regular students of medicine, though there is now a difference of one year of college work and there will be next year a difference of two such years in their preparation, unless a resolution adopted by the board of education establishing the same basis of admission in the two departments becomes effective before that time. J., County Medical Society (Jersey City); Androscoggin, Me., County Medical Association (Lewiston); Baltimore Academy of Medicine; Medical Society of the University of Maryland Medicine (Section in Public Health); Society of Alumni of Bellevue Hospital (New York); Harlem Medical Association of the City of New York; New York Genitourinary Society; Medical Microscopical Society of Brooklyn; Medical Society of the County of Society (Bangor); Bridgeport, Conn., Medica! Association.

Only, instead of flying blisters, it is well to apply moxas or the hot iron near the supposed seat of inflammation.


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