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Sobotta; the lymphatic apparatus of the head and neck, by August Most; and photographic cuts that represent the best work that has been accomplished in this field. Railway managers should- be notified of the great gc danger to the public from this source.

ORGANIZED PROVISION FOR THE CARE The Commission on Social Insurance gave a special hearing for physicians, at the State"To what extent are wage-earners able to avail themselves of free clinics in the State?" The following data were prepared as an attempt to answer this question in a general way, and were presented in October and November by the author: buy. The prognosis is good except in the mucous or laryngeal forms. The lower segment should now be rapidly dissected out, and this can be done with almost no hemorrhage, as the chief blood supply has been cut off by the clamp above. Quart, stir in sufficient linseed meal with a wooden stick or spoon, and beat it well so as to have no lumps. W'e will no longer be groping in the dark. The vapor of burning sulphur in most cases accentuates asthmatic dyspmva.


The greatest instability of "gcserver" temperature seems to be found in patients with the most considerable degree of post-typlioidal anemia and the poorest general condition.

Tilley thought there was probably a congenital absence either of the nerve or of the muscles. It should abstract the original work done during the year by the members of the staff; it might even publish one paper gcsd by each member, if the staff is not too large. Then treat it as a common sore by keeping it clean, and the opening from closing before it has healed from the bottom. " THE INFLUENCE OF POISONS ON THE MOTOR APPARATUS OF THE EYES: gcse. Nephrectomy was thought of in this case, but the result shows that it is better to leave behind rather than remove remnants of a suppurating kidney provided there is no obstruction in the ureter. Drew the following conclusions: Pellagra was not a new disease, nor a disease in fact, but a series of symptomscomplex, the result of parasitic infection in the gut, with consequent abrasions, inroads, as it were, and either absorption of or the conveyance of toxin-developing bacteria or the toxins themselves into the blood or the central nervous system, the force of which seems.'mostly spent upon the cervical and dorsal portions of the cord. The uterus was freed from surrounding adhesions, and essential the ovarian and uterine BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL vessels on the right were quickly clamped. The arrangement is so simple that the diagram is self-explanatory. One of the most regret-' table losses was that of Madam Depage, who' has recently reviews been in America raising money for Springfield, TIL, states that an Italian leper who for the past three months has been imprisoned in presidency of Dr. He accomplished an enormous amount of gcisd good work, and won the respect and esteem of the community in which he passed his long life. Its disadvantage is the delay incident to the development of the tuberculous infection order in the test animal, but if more than one animal is inoculated one may be sacrificed at the end of two or three weeks and early evidence of infection thus obtained. The cystic adenocarcinoma was said to be the most frequent type. We do not fully understand what the factors are that lead up to increased intracranial pressure from cerebral neoplasm; but in this instance the fact must be assumed that they do not exist. Duplicated sounds should almost never be taken gcsu to be accidental or functional.


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