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Health Commissioner of Denver, Col., has established a bacteriologic laboratory to be devoted to thorough research in cases of infectious and contagious diseases.

Kentucky sends a YPS Delegate to the Annual and Interim Meetings of the AMA House of Delegates. Keep them in a warm shelter, clothe warmly, and give warming, soothing teas, and warm gruel. They are distinct from the well-known similar formations which occur in connection with tuberculous infiltrations and ulcerations (970). With this in view we encourage students to attend the out-patient department of the hospital as early as the second year. , Few remarks will be necessary concerning the skin.


Yet another gtx class of cases presents excessive muscular growth, and cavities that have but moderately increased. Cattle were tested for interstate shipment to States requiring the tuberculin test as a condition of admitting dairy and breeding cattle, and assistance supplying milk to cities than among animals offered for interstate The Bureau has also continued its policy of reporting to state livestock sanitary officers the names and addresses of owners and breeders of cattle and hogs found tuberculous in the meat inspection, and such year. Now we know that the vast majority of cases where fissure of the OS exists, not only does it commence at the inferior extremity of the cervix uteri, but that in far the greater number it is confined to that portion. On the other hand, if the urgency of the case has steadily increased in twelve hours from the time when the diagnosis was made, an operation will probably be called for. Obtained in the prevention and treatment of diphtheria with the antitoxin. Staten Islanders, asking for the removal of the Quarantine Hospital (order). Lately, some has come to us of a bright red appearance, translucent, and possessing a pleasant odour, and a more aromatic and agreeably bitter taste, than we usually receive it.

Case reported by Professor Burggraeve, of A man about fifty years old, of a nervous temperament, was brought to the civil hospital of Gand, laboring under characterized fits of hydrophobia.

It may be administered in various forms according to the age and constitution of the patient. The waste pipes from sinks in the working rooms should be connected to the sewer system. In the latter case there was always enormous dilatation of pupils, indifFcrence to stimuli, and great muscular weakness, the animal lying down and sprawling out its legs. Between the two, on each side, is a fossa, namedisacculus laryngis, or ventricle of Galen. One of Vizioli's patients reached a state of complete immobility after suffering from the disease and the designation was certainly wrongly applied in many genius of the remaining. Black by lime-water or potash, in consequence of the formation of protoxide of mercury; and this, by heat, will form globules of mercury. Hence, it is evident that in the second form of nephritis, in which edema occurs, the examination of the patient should suffice to detect the differences from myxederqa. Iodoform was stopped, and all that was possible removed from the wound, and boracic acid substituted (gt). The physician who first attended her, inclined to the opinion that this appearance of the abdomen was attributable to the distention of the buy uterus with the menstrual fluid, and that this was the sole cause of her indisposition; she was anaemic, with a frequent small pulse, a short dry cough, occasional diarrhoea, and great prostration of strength. However, if no disease Is found on reinspectlon the sheep may go forward without a second which are part of a diseased band, or sheep that have been exposed to the disease through infected premises, may, without dipping, be moved Interstate from the quarantined area or from public stock yards for feeding or grazing in fenced inclosures, provided permission shall have been obtained In advance of the movement from the proper official of the State or Territory into which the sheep are to be shipped. This constitutes the second and final Certain terms of some practical value and convenience are used to qualify a diagnosis, as follows (the definitions ingredients are largely from LIST OF DESCRIPTIVE TERMS EMPLOYED WITH REFERENCE TO phenomena, but also of definite anatomical alterations on which the phenomena depend; or a post-mortem diagnosis. These ligatures are tied on the integument of the patient's back by an assistant. The blacksmith bored the hoof in two places on each side the split,.and then passed nails through the holes, and clenched them tightly. The reviews term is also applied to the character of the cough in the same stage.

Reached the following conclusions: Scillitin has no diuretic properties, but rath(n' decreases the quantity of urine secreted and the urea which it contains in a manner which is directly opposed to an action naturally due to a true active principle of squill.


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