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The aspect of the joint when opened is very characteristic, showing a great quantity of floating synovial fringes of a brown color (over).


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In carcinomata of the female genitalia it has been used with considerable success, and as preliminary treatment to the Wertheim operation for operable carcinoma of the buy cervix, it is preferable to the application of zinc chloride or formahn. In twelve cases thymus was given three times a day, starting with one grain and increasing until the dose dosage had reached three grains of the dried gland. In the fold of 50 the nates it is better treated by extreme cleanliness and the application of vaseline or diluted white precipitate ointment.

A middle-aged woman who, though generally in good health, had suffered for a day or two from pains in the stomach, took one morning a solution of half an ounce of chloride of barium by mistake for sulphate 100 of soda. Another portion of peritoneum and stump is similarly included in the name thread, and tied, and one stump is anchored.


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