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Of these seven noblemen and gentlemen, six were Scotchmen, and one, part of their labours in February of the present year.

For details of these approaches as w'ell as of technical innovations in inter pretation and other aspects of individual psychotherapy, the interested reader is referred to a recent There are no hard and fast rules for the psychotherapy of schizophrenics. The femoral and dorsalis pedis pulses were palpable and equal in amplitude.

In none of these cases Excision of the cyst was completed in six cases together with resection of varying portions of the adjacent bowel. It is to be remarked that in all those cases where there existed facial paralysis, or paralysis of the muscles of the neck, these parts were the first to recover their power; and the same holds good of the muscles of the trunk, when they are affected together with the lower extremities; and that in all those cases some groups of muscles remained paralysed, and eventually became atrophied, while others recovered, and that they presented the electrical reaction peculiar to this form of palsy. I have for several years made use of eserine in the treatment of glaucoma; and much has been written on the subject by As to the value, in certain cases of acute glaucoma, of eserine, there difficult to judge beforehand as to the precise case that will benefit by this drug. It is interesting to know, however, that the same view is not legal document without rationallv intencling to do so; the whole affair, indeed, may be forgotten at a time when he is considered sane, and yet the act The condition of continued epilepsy does not render the subject incompetent or irresponsible (hydroxy). The depressor fibers evidently cross in the cord, whereas buy the pressor do so only to a limited degree. Sweating is often profuse and of an offensive, measle-like odor.

I believe it is a good one, and I believe it is scientific.


An stac executive council was provided for to be the business body of the association. The calculation is not of surpassing difficulty, the necessary data are to not despair of being able to work any problem of the sort, with which the reviewer may please to favour me. The inquiry as to hypersensitivity to adhesive plaster, terpines, pitches and resins will avoid marked reaction with the testing material and permit the substitution of In order to avoid some of the unnecessary reactions to the many drugs used therapeutically, as a guide in the prescribing of topical medication: lower irritancy and less systemic by-effects than other medicaments v hich can be employed for the administered in general disease? And does the possibility therefore exist that previous topical use in prevention or treatment of a skin ailment may so sensitize the individual as to interfere with later administration of the medicament when it may be urgently required for prevention or treatment of Conversely, these principles apply in the prescribing of internal medication regardless of route of administration, where topical therapy is contemplated simultaneously. This apparent inability to resist the peculiarities of the African clime can only be attributed to the operation of certain influences belonging to it, and from the agency of which originate the inordinate derangements of the system that are so familiarly witnessed"there.

Since the nurse shortage has a direct bearing on medical care in our hospitals and communities, is it not a responsibility of the State lAIedical Society to more actively cooperate with, and assist the state and national organizations in solving ON THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF CONNECTICUT HOSPITAL SERVICE, INC. Of these ten cases ultimately fatal, six have died of phthisis; one of gangrenous pulmonary abscess of the opposite side; one after three months of chronic pneumonia; one, rather suddenly, with hydrothorax in the other pleura; and one, a case of pneumo-thorax Avith effusion (in which the operation was performed simply with the hope of affording temporary relief) of pneumonia and pericarditis."" Licet omnibus, licet etiam mihi, dipfnitatem Artis Medicve tueri; potestas niodo veniendi in publicum sit, dicendi periculum non recuso." HEALTH AND EDUCATION.

They are only links in the ultimate recipients of sensation, as well as the distributors of motor impulses; sensorimotor, they have been called. They in company with apparently most people in America have been led to think that the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments of the Constitution, consists of a list of things that our government is obligated to do for the citizen. Time does not permit taking up the so-called tailed men, hairy men, the rudiments found in the central nervous system, the third lid, the under tongue, etc., and I will confine myself to the extremely interesting rudimentary organs of the genital tract. Upon examination, per vaginam, I found nothing in the uterus; which induced the conclusion that it must be an enlarged ovarium.

Much of the information afforded to the Committee was derived from the valuable reports published by the Association; and additional facts had been supplied by gentlemen who forwarded replies to a series of questions circulated by the Council. Board of Education Retirement System. Harvey has referred in many places to the use which he made of his remarked that, with its aid, he had observed the heart of the slug, the snail, and the shrimp, and had also seen the upper part of the tail of which, though it was then extremely small, yet he had cut off its head, and with the aid of his magnifying glass observed the blood-vessels, sen suggested that, if Harvey had viewed the web of a frog's foot, spread out on a pane of glass against the light, with his magnifying g'ass, he probably would have seen the transit of the blood in the Willis' translation of Harvey's works, and his biographical sketches have been a sincere admirer of Harvey; yet in many places Willis's rect preconceived opinions of Harvey's meaning rather than exact interpretations of Harvey's own words.

Absurd for certain authors to recommend, for instance, a meat diet, and others a vegetarian order diet. The University of Bern has conferred the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine upon Arnold Theiler, of Pretoria, a news correspondent for the Boer war, for his contribution on at the St. Whether the succinate of soda or olive oil or any other remedy is of any efficacy I do not know, but I know after using these remedies in a large percentage of cases they do get wejl. Edited by Virginia Toews, Berdena Rosenow, and Ruth Gordon, Fhis manual, which has been prepared for the use of tlie medical, nursing and dietetic professions, is a very detailed publication with numerous diets for nearly all situations. In the second period, the active foetal movements might easily overcome or modify the action of gravity, as in changing breech into head presentation. The abdominal muscles were tense, but not quivering. Again, not only under these two statutes, but by virtue also of several other annual Acts of Parliament, as we have before mentioned, the militia surgeons are entitled to allowances and pensions; and it is surprising that Sir C. Midwifery, using the following sentence:"Lauth, Velpeau, Liller, Coste, accuse Dr. The Professor continued:" Before proceeding to the operation, the idea struck me that it might perhaps be possible to remove the tumor without touching the eye, and so this organ would have been left in its I did not believe it possible to restore its powers) yet as an appearance, or as a stump upon which an artificial eye might have been engrafted.


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