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The answer was," I has never opened his mouth since I entered the room." The person under discussion was then Secretary of the Surgical Section; he now occupies a more important position, and his first thought this afternoon in addressing you is that he is throwing away his best chance of being considered a wise man. So far as I can see, the plan of blistering partakes of the merits of both The Radical treatment, which consists in the operation for obliteration, carries in its train such an array of misfortune as to entitle it to the desig ation, hazardous.

Christian has constructed a table of differential points in the two diseases, which is shown on the following page. In the floor of the lateral ventricle. Hodge, Professor of Obstetrics at the University of Pennsylvania, malady: and Meigs, Professor of Obstetrics took the opposite view from Holmes and handled his arguments in a style that was more vituperative than convincing. Treatment was directed first to the conjunctival condition, which promptly cleared up.

Such a matrix does not exist in the ontogenetic development. Ross Hall SUllem is in Burope visiting Professor Killern in Berlin and Professor Dr. The nearer the far point the greater the degree of myopia (joint). The children of Group B represented homes of a supposedly lower standard. The number of muiiUicd or otherwise infirm seamen and marines arcommodiited in that noble plus iiutitatton, eactuaivc From VArioun partsof (heprccediog prcmtseaithen, wc may junctioo with fatinaccous aJiment, on which seamen pnociptkU fbighr be wduccd lo vofKlude ihki ftuch would be the conactjueDce.


A man holding such a position should, therefore, not merely be familiar with medical diagnosis, but should also have some training in sanitation. It is considered little less than malpractice.

Esta es la primera diferenciacion cortical conocida en el hombre. ) The relation of carriers review to the spread Petruschky.

Seven out of the sixteen cases exhibited this diffuse flabby hepatisation as distinguished Not only does Yirchow speak as above of pneumonia directly caused by the injection, but suggests (with a certain amount of reserve) that also new tubercles are formed in consequence thereof. The persistent appeals of general practitioners and thinking physicians generally have at last been heard and answered, and improving morbidity and mortality maternity statistics will soon prove a just reward. The girls in this mill were at practically the same operations as in the other, and approximately the same experience was found Since colony workers and normal workers are working at the same processes and are paid the same piece work rates, in many instances, a comparison of the productivity of the two groups would seem order possible, but since no account is kept of absence, the payroll figures available are of no value for such a purpose. Some experimenters (Drummond and collaborators) report that on carefully purified diets young rats stopped growing after ten days, whereas Miss buy Patton and myself are unable to arrest growth completely even after two months and longer.

Many writers on health and beauty subjects are ointing out the importance of a Vou were given two marvelously At the nearest Cane, try on a pair of shoes I to their needs: mrm. Piis exuded from small lacerated wound at outer canthus. For the remainder there are many resources of ease and comfort that we may administer Instead of writing a paper upon some scientific subject for the special issue of Southern Medicine and Surgery by the ex-Presidents of the Tri-State Medical Association of the be appropriate to give in brief some of the reasons why medical men should give to the profession the advantage of their clinical experiences as well as their experimental research, and thus perpetuate their observations. On that evening the first dinner was held in the Queen's Hotel, the President At that time we expressed the opinion that the Association had a bright future before it, and we rejoice to see that our anticipations have been amply verified. The diet should be nourishing, and, if stimulants are required, a little whiskey is, perhaps, the best. The length of the germ increases in proportion to its breadth, and in some cases long filaments have appeared.

Un cas d'atrophie musoulaire progressive Aran (G.) Sur les atrophies musculaires progressives d'origine Contributo alio studio delle atrofle muscolan progressive atrophy associated with primary plush muscular dystrophy in the von progressiver spinaler Muskelatrophie mlt seltener Loea-' phie musoulaire progressive avec inversion anormale de la muscular progi;esiva, tipo Aran-Duchenne (poliomielitis A case of progressive muscular atrophy with remarkable lous form of progressive muscular atrophy. What with discussions of the expression of libido during sleep, what with the wild interpretations of simple dreams, there has been produced in the minds of many people a feeling of wonder, even of fear, as sleep is, we do know what it does.


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