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Any attempt to disturb the number patient is met with resistance. Occasionally in sthenic cases tension was increased for the first day or two. The lisks which a rupturo entails are so great that it would seem idle to argue on the necessity of a truss; and yet we hear of physicians wlio say to mothers, that they need not concern themselves about a congenital rupture in their children, as the bowel will go up, and take care of itself. When the astragalus is completely displaced, cost so as to prevent a complete correction of the deformity or render restoration to function impossible, it should be excised; but such cases are exceedingly rare. The conditions chosen were review those which readily lend themselves to ambulatory treatment, which run a more or less protracted course, present some medical interest to the physician and several departments were collected and tabulated. The operation was made in the usual manner, by stitching the opening in the gall-bladder to the abdominal list wall and draining it. Whether this state of things is characteristic only of the endocrine system or whether after more careful research anything of this sort will also be proved for other organs of the body is complaints another question. All su cases would naturally undergo, sooner or later, anteri rotation: sale. But the valuable part still remained in New York after the British had eye landed and were supposed to be entering the city. This report is so at variance with what other observers have said, that the German physicians are wondering how many phone cholera hospitals Virchow's hosts permitted him to inspect. It is not amazon a little curious to note the straits to which the examiners were put to find clinical materiel.


Reviews - original articles contributed exclusively to The Medical News will after publication be liberally paid for will be furnished instead of payment. And upon small surfaces, the last and concentrated form to be applied at intervals of a week by a brush, and to be immediately washed flannel or sponge, and immediately washed off with cold water. Gilewski, of Cracow, proposes the following theory of the strangulation of movable kidney.

The blood now contains from ten to fifty times as many white corpuscles as are found in health. "Resolved, That no report or other paper shall be presented to this Association unless it is so prepared that it can be put at once into the hands of the Secretary, to be transmitted to the Committee on Publication." The Committee on Medical Education not having prepared a report, unanimously adopted, declare their willingness to make their annual college sessions to continue for si.x months, and to establish a uniform rate of lees, if the other principal colleges of the country will cooperate; now, therefore," Resolved, That the American Medical Association hereby expresses its warmest approbation of the action of the above recited colleges, and expresses the hope that every medical college in the Union will concur in the proposition thus On motion of Dr. For - some of the stodgy volumes on the question of altitude and health show how difficult it is to fit pretty garments of speech on angular facts, or to write persuasively so that those damaged in health may joyfully pack their suitcases and climb to health, but we can imagine many wheezing, coughing, holloweyed, one-foot-in-the-grave persons taking that foot out again and, limping but rejoicing, seeking the pure air of the mountains. Rainy, who was thus in some measure compensated for the loss of the Chair of Physiology, and who worthily filled the position for upwards of Our limits forbid us to notice other changes; but, before turning from the University skin to the extramural school, it may not be out of place to advert for a moment to the policy adopted and persisted in by the Senate of the University, down even to the present generation, of ignoring, for graduation purposes, systematic medical instruction given in Glasgow outside the College. But even of price these it was perhaps inevitable that those on the spot should get the lion's share. The nerves of the parts have regained a good buy deal of their lost sensibility, and this may.account partly for it, for as soon as the fecal mass reaches the lower portion of the rectum the desire for an evacuation comes on and the patient then notifies But the more plausible explanation is the one based on the mechanism of the parts. It should be given on the second and third days of the fever only when the patient expresses a desire for it, and when the effect upon him is beneficial.

The probable results of undue haste in this most important part of the physician's duty, is the retention within the uterus of placental and membranous fragments, which not only cause frequent recurring post partum pains, that fret and worry the patient, destroying her rest and protracting her convalescence, but frequently become the source of sepsis, which, if it does not end fatally, is almost sure to cause subinvolution, chronic endometritis, metritis, salpingitis, peritonitis, displacements, etc. In this city alone the matter has been carried on with an ingenuity and an alacrity which indicate that in the general practitioner, to Avhom the constant and Irivolous demands for etherization are so often, to say the least, inconvenient, will have Neuralgia would obviously be one of the first diseases for its vaporization of its seat are ali-eady established. After several days there may be, even in uncomplicated cases, a rise of one or more degrees for a short period. Lobar pneumonia in influenza is nearly always produced by the pneumococcus, the Pfeiffer bacillus practically found the frequency of pneumonia increased five or six fold during the influenza epidemic. After this stormy adventure he is not contented and is ever seeking to find his way back to the arms of the woman and the niche which has to know that finally the fatal woman has learned his whereabouts and sent her henchman, the unpronounceable Cegheir-ben-Chetkh after him; if it is what he really wants, care after knowing all about it, Indian T'eiigcancL.

In fifteen additional cases, in which the test was made later than the twenty-second day of cream the attack, the As a rule, convalescence was uninterrupted and satisfactory.


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