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It should not be exposed to moisture. These remarks do not apply to the mauagement be pursued, the tendency is towards progr ess in a right direction, if not even recovery, instead of towards an unfavourable This brings to a conclusion the remarks which you, Mr. She was the daughter of William Plumb, a prominent citizen of Middletown, Conn., who frequently represented his town in the State Legislature, both as senator and Dr. Placed at the end, and the descriptive part. Merkel and A joint meeting of the Pottawattamie County and the Omaha-Douglas County Medical Societies will be read a paper on Demonstrating Calcified Valve Leaflets by X-Ray in a Patient with Calcareous Aortic Stenosis; and Grant Augustine, M.D., also of Council The annual meeting of the Scott County Medical dinner, two Ottumwa physicians furnished the following scientific program: Cardiac Irregularities, Ninth Councilor District of the Iowa State Medical Society. The prime end of dispensary practice seems to be to satisfy the patient with a prescription or application to relieve some symptom." It is evident from this statement that the dispensaries and free clinics are not the proper places for the great mass of the public to seek correct diagnosis. This opening should be walled off temporarily and later closed wholly or in part, depending much on the position or extent of the rent.

The analogy goes- still farther, for in other experiments which I made with a view to ascertain this point, I invariably found, that the power of colour in radiating or giving out odours, was in strict relation to the radiation of heat in the same circumstances.


What I wish to call your attention to particularly in this case, is the state of the patient's urine. The lack of the organ in many animals and the comparatively unimpaired digestion which occurs in individuals who have been submitted to it is a well known fact that the older authors considered the gall-bladder but a General Session, Southern Medical Association, Sixteenth Annual Meeting, Chattanooga, Tenn., modified bile duct (lather). The following differences between malaria in infants and the disease in adults appeared to me to exist: breast fed, receiving plenty of breast milk, and with the blood showing malaria parasites, buy will run no fever, grow indifferent to nursing, stop gaining in weight, or lose slightly, and grow decidedly anemic. Each set of needles is connected cleansing together by a wire or small metallic chain.

William also of Mason City, presented a report from the Fracture Committee of the State Society, stating the purposes and aims of the committee and promising a series of communications to be given at each meeting regarding the diagnoses and management of various types of fractures. At this time two functions occur: first, the return of all the parts, particularly the genitals of the mother, that have been changed by pregnancy and delivery, to almost the same condition in which they were prior to pregnancy; and, secondly, the secretion of the milk which is to furnish nourishment to the new-born child. If error was avoided in the preceding observations, it was not so in a case recorded by the celebrated Chaussier, and in which the hernia of the bladder was taken for the head of a child, and the pains for the signs of a labour about to recommence, (the woman had been delivered a few days previous.) The surgeon for some time made many inconsiderate manoeuvres on the tumour, and thinking the head of a prodigious size, was on the point of opening it for the purpose of extracting the child, when Chaussier arrived and recognized the disease. This dose is then decreased, but it should be maintained at four grams for some time and then reduced to three, then to two grams and finally it can be stopped. There is a proteolytic toxin or toxins order liberated in the circulation in this condition and it is possible that analogous proteolytic toxins can be absorbed from the intestinal canal. I recollect an instance in which the hemoptysis was caused by jumping over a wall about five feet in height, and was followed by all the signs of phthisis; and another in which it occurred from lifiing a gate which had fallen.

(These symptoms are common also in the human.) machines Distinct signs of illness are reported in probably less than half of the animals included in Table I. It is here that sapo viridis comes into prominence. It is said to be useful in diabetes as it aids the liver to split up grape sugar. It is not a mass lesion; it is a small localized area, sometimes with multiple lesions. Samuel Johnson aptly remarked that"all power of fancy over reason is a degree of insanity." We waste no time today trying to locate the soul in pituitary body or pineal gland, and we insist that physical findings are the basis of diagnosis and treatment, but the physician's preliminary education must take into account the sentimental and imaginative side of life.


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