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The first rays of light upon this dark scene were the discoveries of Cook and Howard already alluded to and then came the great Dr. It was found that the enema caused an active secretion of gastric juice provided the amount of centimetres. We have in both rapid pulse, rise of temperature, pain, vomiting, and tympanites. Our attention; but we shall principally confine our observations to the physical conditions of the chest, as influencing the diagnosis, briefly adverting to those facts which bear upon the nature and It is evident from the previous history and post-mortem result, that the patient was attacked with acute pleurisy of the right side; that there was an abundant ett'usion of lymph over the entire surface of the lung, with subsequent organization and adhesion; and, judging from his previous robust state of health, and the slight nature of the symptoms for three months after the first attack, it is probable that tubercular deposit took with insufficient nutrition, and perhaps both his father and brother having died of a pulmonary aflfection. Review - revue de therapeutique medicochirurgicale, Paris. They consist of a fine, closely-packed layer of epithelial cells arranged in a spiral form around a longitudinal canal-like film. Various remedies were used in vain, until the administration order of quinine gave relief within a years, who, as a child, suffered with nervous palpitation of tlie heart.

The experiment was repeated, and the blood at first coagulated rapidly; the serum, very projectors strongly colored a red cherry in its inferior part near to the clot, was tinged a clearer rose in the superior layers, becoming yellowish at the surface. By the way, this treatment is not a fad pro of the day, but an old treatment brought into greater prominence. Each patient was told that she would become numb, that her painswould diminish, and that she would be able to take and retain the food that would be given to her a half-hour after the injection. The consecjuence is that the Pennsylvania Pharmaceutical Association has risen up in arms to have that part of the law repealed so that all applicants for the practice of pharmacy shall be examined. Thirty-six new members were then elected. It is surely the duty of the physician to give the patient the benefit of the possibility that such treatment in conjunction with inoculation may prove successful in such cases.

Indeed, the protection of the public health is "pills" of far greater importance than the well-being of any individual. Even the grass, with its beautiful mantle of green, seemed to turn pale with envv as we passed ( for never before had it been brought into rivalry with a greener greenness) (south). The diaphoresis resulting from its use, added to its analgesic effect, tend to shorten the duration of the disease. These substances give rise to hyperpyrexia projector by acting upon the thermogenic nervous centres.


It should be packed in sterilized cotton unless hemorrhage excessive, and a rope of gauze wet with bichloride passed down to the Douglass pouch and out to the cotton.

Aperient and she has had a better nigiit than any since the disease first appeared.

This is rot so because of any harm that has arisen from the use of aqueous solutions, but something better has come to take their places, and we part with them with tiie kindest feelings, for they have been faithful friends.

Send it in as a test, and if there be any objection to you consequent on the early presentation of your bill, or because you want your fee, the sooner you arrive at an understanding of each other, or part Some physicians have more tact in getting fees than others, and, curiously enough, there are patients who will pay one physician but will not pay another, there being certain persons with whom they desire "in" to stand well, and others for whose opinions they do not care.

When the pneumococcic infection was allowed to proceed for twenty-four africa hours before the induction of leucocytosis there was a greater mortality, though even then benefit seemed to result patient to tlirow off the infective cause. A paper of some surgical importance, buy and great pathological interest, book, and consequently has been compelleti to invent one which he thoQght was at the same time adequate and accurate. From a comprehensive view of these, I attempted also, by no hasty generalization, to deduce and illustrate those general principles which they appeared to warrant, which might, at least, bind together otherwise detached and isolated facts and observations, might explain t" L'Anatomie pathologique est encore peu riche eu faits relatifs aux ulteratiuus des nerls." or reconcile apparently discordant statements, and render them available to future labourers in the same field of pathological inquiry. Obliteration of the lumen of the appendix is rare and never to be relied upon. Strips of test-paper previously placed in a solution of the double iodide of potassium and mercury until saturated, then removed and dried. But, as is judiciously observed by Denman, in an exceedingly good and practical" advisable to hurry the patient with a view of shortening the duration of the disorder, but to lead the mind to its own course of operation; for then there will be less likelihood of a relapse." Out of- door occupation, however, when she can be trusted abroad, is far preferable; and of all others, gardening is perhaps as simple, interesting, and little exciting as any.

By sections transversely the tumor was found to occupy the white matter within the right occipital and temporal lobes, reaching posteriorly a point just outside the descending horn of the lateral ventricle, anteriorly, and internally at the base it extended to the tuber cinereum and involved the optic tract. Cheyne said he had arrived at the following provisional conclusions: That in cases of intractable lupus it was of great value when combined with other measures.

Understand that the disease proved highly The followiug- table will state the num- confluent, and that he sunk under it her happening' in each year; viz. To such an ought, in the words of (leneral Jackson, to" swear by the Eternal" that the'Yoiirnal of the American Medical Association shall be etjual to any similar periodical published On motion of Dr. More than one-half of personal cases saved, thanks to intervention, although it is true that some eases were opened which might have recovered spontaneously.


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