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Order - '"'"'ItT Vandyke) The Microscopic Structure and mode ol Syrian Leprosy. Dementia precox and a possible autointoxication factor began to be studied, and numerous were the claims that tlie precox affection resembled paralytic dementia in having some organic substratum, both affections thereby being separated from ordinary Fauser found that the serum of precox patients could disintegrate testicular and ovarian tissue; and in certain cases brain (cortical) tissue was similarly disintegrated, notably in sera which also attacked the genital glands. It contains many lightsaber extensive and valuable papers which have been separately published, and but few of which, owing to the Series itself being in the Library, liave been purchased by the Society.

Wolff separates the skin from the underlying tissues by means of the finger tips, using the knife or scissors only when the The author has also used this method in covering defects which were confined to the skin alone, as in the case of a large ulcerating surface on the thigh, as well as in covering large fresh surfaces exposed by surgical operations, as after amputation of the breast.

If it had been a more recent case, I have no doubt he would have been informed by some of my confreres that to propose operation would be preposterous, if not criminal, and a good-sized sound would have been flourished fx before the patient as evidence of his urethral capacity. I believe that Sir William Gull was the first to point out the aetiology of such cases, although a similar instance had before been recorded by Abercrombie. As regards the indications for abortive treatment, the diagnosis must be certain and the period early. A pail, covered with a wooden seat, was brought; she sat down, strained vigorously, and a seven-and-a-half-pound boy was barelysaved from drowning in the pail. Haemorrhage had occasionally occurred, once with such severity as to cause internal and external haemorrhoids (lightsabers). The unduly-sensitive inebriate"honor" is ever on the alert to detect"insults." There is a disordered, nervous state, which insensibly affects the beholder whether he drinks or not. Among the latter "muscle" was that young savant who was destined by his own systematic researches to destroy forever the faith in Galen's infallibility, and be first to establish incontrovertibly, at least in the domain of anatomy, the rightfulness of the autopsy. The patient slept better and was much quieter during the day. The" ramrod" is then pushed home firmly, so that the bougie is projected into the cervical canal. A Manual of Surgical Manipulations, Minor Surgery, and other Matters connected with the work of House Surgeons, Surgical Dressers, etc. He was hypnotized again, and the same suggestion was used; this was successful only for three days: buy. I realize that this case would be more complete had a post-mortem been performed, but permission was not obtained.

He applied it as follows: One pole attached to a conductor in the form of a uterine sound was placed in the uterus, and the other to a flat conducting surface, was placed over the abdominal parietes corresponding to the fundus uteri. In tertiary syphilis, a gumma of the leg healed in a month after two injections, but in two other similar cases there was no improvement, and one of these healed under mercury and iodide.

As might be expected, this disease often attacks several men simultaneously or in rapid succession.


Differentiate catarrhal from croupous pneumonia.

Tubercular deposits may set up pericarditis, but this is not commonly observed at the bedside, and occurs chiefly when several serous membranes together are attacked hj tubercle, independently of the organs covered by them. They had had several cases which illustrated the value of the machine, but as Dr.

It resembles eczema, erythenia, or urtici Severe itching nuiy come and go for a period of years liefore the dii reaches the second Ktage, which is characterized by infiltration of the plnqut a new development of i)apules, and hard round, pale nodules, li may persist or disappear and leave pigmentation or superficial atrophy.


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