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Noise resembling that caused by striking glass, metal, or porcelain with a pin, or the sound of the keys of a musical box; odune, pain): pill. Two years before present time, as a result, perhaps, of trauma, she developed a large abscess at the right side of the neck, extending down over the chest. That the American hospitals should be clean is perhaps not a matter for great surprise; the Americans hold such a long lead over- other people in cleanliness in their private houses, hotels, etc., that thor hospitals could not but feel the effect of the general atmosphere of the community. I have in my note-books cases of many pereons, mostly men, who have been of a gouty constitution, have been free-livers, and in whom sugar has frequently appeared in the urine.

A reception will be tendered to Dr. No explanation is adequate which does not account for the two diametrically opposite elements, not only for his ceasing to do this, but also for his beginning to do that. The article is Ulustreted with many Aberdeen, Scotland, was bom in that city on arts at Marischal College, University of Aberdeen.

The mother has had six children, four of whom were girls, and of these two are dead, one from" consumption of the bowels," and the other from"malnutrition;" of the two boys, the elder does not bleed, and the younger is the present patient: work. Deafness resembles mindbliuduess; the patient loses the power to distinguish nature of sounds due to cortical lesions, the apparatus of hearing, however, remaining in intact. Moat adrantageously located Id tbe heart of the medical center of America. Form of neurosis observed in Siberia and other cold countries, in review which marked excitability, with imitation of words or movements, is present. Sulphure'tum ni'grum, black sulphuret of mercury, sulphuret of mercury with sulphur, eethiops mineral; made by treating equal parts of weight sulphur and mercury until metallic globules disappear; used chiefly in scrofulous and cutaneous affections. The aetiology of the tumours known as" leeches" in North America and" bursattee" in India is somewhat obscure; these again may be Prophylaxis should be directed to ridding animals of the adult Nematodes in the stomach and to the destruction of horse dung or its use in agriculture. Haughton, under which the question was postponed till the following day. Signor buy Sperati has alsoVontributed large sumsof money to the project. The deeper parts are rarely affected, but in some instances both thickening and ulceration of the cartilage and of the bones has been found. Fat does not seem to have the Carbohydrates, on the other hand, have a marked property of sparing nitrogen." Cane and milk sugar have the same action as malt sugar. There are many objections to this plan. All stimulants are considered contrarindicated, and a long operation without' shock-producing procedures is preferred to a short operation with the same. The progress and symptoms of the initiatory period, that of the pre-existing disease, must of course diffeu with the case: does. Twelve of these were found in the adult P. This apparent ova-throw ol the Lamarckian theory has caused much controveray, but the balum of experimental evidence seems in favor of Weiamann. ; Hospital Organization and Management in la. At the same time, it is of coiu-se desirable to limit the extent of the second incision as much as tlie size of the nucleus will permit, even if we have to assist the escape of the lens by the" schlitten-manojuvre," or by t'.ie use of some form of traction instrument (all). Associated with Guy's Hospital all his life, and, in his charming recounting the discoveries of his colleagues with scrupulous fidelity and settling many points of priority. Washing out the xs peritoneal cavity. The more frequent course is for the osteoid tissue to be gradually replaced by bone, either by direct ossiflcatiou or by the replacement of the abnormal tissue by normal bone. Medicinal agent which seems to have the power of liquefying solid depositions, as a one solid substance into a liquid, especially metals and Liquefactive degeneration, lik-we-fak'tiv de-jene-ra'shun. The principal follower of Stahl was Francois Boissier de la to find a more recent avatar in the tedious"entelechies" of Driesch. Eelating to the Mesencephalon, mes-en-sef'al-on (meso, pills enkephalos, encephalon). Northern Medical Association, held on Friday, much interested in a sketch by Dr.



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