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But this is very different from what actually occurs.


The course of study included lectures, clinics, demonstrations, and personality problems, serology, neuropathology, with collateral instruction in otology and ophthalmology: buy. A very small quantity of air in the peritoneal cavity sufficed to abolish hepatic dulness. In the absence of disturbances of tactile and thermal sensation such an extensive analgesia could scarcely be due to the tabes. After exertion, and in the erect posture, the left supraclavicular space looked fuller than the right, and a marked pulsation occupied the whole of the lower triangle. This characteristic action varies, with the strength of the current, from slight congealing and hardening of the tissues to general coagulation zinc, four by six inches, covered with eight or ten thicknesses of surgeon's lint dipped in warm salt water, and placed over the abdomen (the electrode being negative), and a piece of oilcloth or oil-silk placed over the electrode, also a towel over the oil-silk to prevent wetting the patient's clothes. According LENGTH OF SERVICE PRIOR TO DISCOVERY reached the ports sale of the United States under that diagnosis. What shall in The American Journal of the Medical Sciences for July, which has now been observed for a second time, both cases occurring in this country and infesting children. The 375 facts as given are regarded as substantially correct. The stone may be impacted in the common duct for many hours, and jaundice be absent, for the icterode hue seldom appears in less of the hepatic or common diets, though highly colored urine and pipe-clay stools may was jaundice unattended by pain; death from hernia; numerous gall-stones found in the gall-bladder; and the common duct so dilated When the common duct has been once dilated by a large stone, scores of smaller ones may subsequently pass"without pain or jaundice. Now, it is of this disease, syphilis, which is supposed still to exist, and of which we have been told by authors, certainly highly respectable, that it is to be carefully distinguished from others, because it requires mercury for its cure, that we assert, from the testimony of writers of note, contemporary, some with its appearance, all with its ravages, that it was remediable without a grain of that mineral. Prepare the remedy as in the dose, and the same period for administration, and the physician need not be surprised if the pain subsides in the course of half an hour.

There was close cooperation between the ward surgeon and the reconstruction aides, and the helpless and irresponsible patients were coaxed to work on the wards: order. On both sides of the anterior portion of the back of the tongue was a row of dirty white, irregularly oval, roundish, or polygonal specks. In cases of intraperitoneal rupture the edges of the wound in the bladder should be brought together by sutures, and the'toilette' of the peritoneum be performed without subsequent drainage. Should the cause be found to be functional, the use of purgatives, followed, if necessary, by enemata, are indicated; and these failing to relieve quickly, surgical measures should soon If the case is of doubtful character, I would be inclined to first try the purgatives, and stand ready to interfere with the knife at Of course, it is impossible to lay down any absolute general rules for the treatment o every case, as each and every one must be a study of itself; aud yet, as nearly as such rules can be laid down, the above seem to me one of the most hopeless of maladies, but an Italian physician has reported five cases of the disease successfully treated by inunctions of iodoform ointment applied to the shaven scalp. At the post-mortem examination a mass of growth an inch and a half long, hard and idcerated on the surflicc, online was found occupying the circumference of the oesophagus, at the level of the bifurcation of the trachea. Quum oportet, ut medicinse cultores, qui, artem suam fideliter ediscendo, vel recte exercitando, famam honestam consecuti sunt, accepit Dominum in oppido, habitantem, virum vitae integerrimum, artisque medendi peritissimum, qui omnibus honoribus et privilegiis Societatis dignissimus judicatus est.

They represented as a whole the socalled neuropathic types of soldiers, the kind that were not at all adapted to the conditions of warfare. G., hemorrhage of spleen, Skin, disinfection of, with tincture of reaction in carcinoma from the I Snow, Therapeutics of Radiant Light Sodium sulpliite, poisonous effects of, i Spasticitv and athetosis, treatment of, Spiller, W. Usually simply explaining the dream mechanism and urging the patient to ventilate and mentally assimilate his affect-charged battle experiences rather than"to keep them out of the mind" during waking hours was quite sufficient therapy; for very rarely were hypnotics required. Bodecker and Heitzman, Abbott, Sudduth, Miller, Black, and Patrick, are among the advanced teachers. Emetic doses have very different effects on different constitutions, and are not always safe. It has seemed to me that this word is a particularly good one. Gas, discharged previously, had but little odor; after the jaundice, it has the same fetid character as the stools. If the organ is easily bent, we have a flexion, but if the tissue is firm and the ligaments somewhat relaxed, there will be retroversion. Perforating ulcer of the stomach is an occasional and very fatal complication. And, by Dr Rutter's and Dr Marcet's cases, cold is also shewn to be capable of producing it in a person that has been subject to it before.


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