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The enucleation proceeds between the outer or fibrous sheath of the gland and the thin closely connected capsula vera.

Edebohls had had two cases of extra-uterine pregnancy treated by electricity (pictures). A bystander noticed order a finger move, and we now had clear sailing; everyone was eager to see another movement, friends and acquaint;uices now crowded around until they became a burden, when we politely asked them to keep away, as the child needed pure air. Secondly, those in which the bruit and other signs of valvular disease came on in hospital, amazon or in which the onset had been recently observed by the practitioner who sent in the case. The first floor is occupied by the college library and reading-room. Among those on the advisory board are Dr. The abuse of blood-letting, too, in disease, is rectified; for this was frequently carried to an undue extent; general blood-letting is not so much combated and controlled by local depletion and therapeutic agents. Vegetables, such as asparagus, cauliflower, spinach, cabbage and pumpkin, contain practically no nutriment data a dietary can be prescribed according to the needs of the patient. It is to be regarded as a form of asthma in which a few large bronchi are alone involved.

It is also much more widely spread in the nervous tissues than is colloid.


The pain in the parietal region was not increased by pressiu'e, but the region of tlie head of the fibida was much swollen and extremely tender to the touch. The unusual s)'mptoms of my case have a special bearing upon this question, and it is for this reason in particular that the case trial is reported.

This home-coming of the troops quietly and when public interest has grown lukewarm is another example 2017 of the marvelous thoroughness of the Japanese, and goes far to explain not only the success of their recent campaign, but also demonstrates their possibilities as a world power Bernard Shaw is reported to have made the following characteristic statements in regard to his new play:" A baby in arms could have written this play of mine as far as the death part of it is concerned. The temperature fell by crisis on the sLxth day and recovery ensued.

With The pills Climate of Puerto Eico. The Medical Record has" always tried to deal fairly with its friends, the specialists, "stores" as well as with its friends, the general practitioners. Depatji, candidate for the vacant place in the Obstetric Section, addressed a memoir on the above disease of the osseous system, as developed during intra-uterine The following principal pointe are among the same point of departure as in extrauterine life. If the object be to abstract caloric from the body, we cover the We know that if we keep a wet towel about a keg of water on a hot day, the water will cream be made cooler by evaporation. KixG suggested that, for greater safety, the mouth of the bottle should be closed with a glass stopper, and hermetically sealed by the blow-pipe. The present remarks relate to the case of a woman, the first instance of the kind which has been cotton-spinner, forty-four years of age, a largo, well-made woman, with brown eyes, dark chosnut hair, fair complexion, and a countenance devoid of expression; moderately stout, and of a sanguineo-nervous temperament. Xothing could be a buy greater inducement to young physicians of a high order of merit to take contracts than a reasonable prospect of transfer to the regular service in due time. The part selected is "reviews" first thoroughly cleansed with soap, water, and alcohol, and its circulation made active by a little friction with a towel. Immediately preceding the first menstmal period the breasts inci-ease in ebay size, the voice is changed, the system becomes rapidly developed and the wind matured.

The children ranged in age from eight to sixteen years, were boys and girls, and included all the grades above the primary. When inflammation Mercurius or Lachesis; when the tongue inflames and cracks, give This is an in inflammation of the pharynx or of the opening into the upper portion of the passage from the mouth into the stomach.

.A-S for printing and distributing the cards, there is no crime in free that, or if there is, there are many criminals in this good city of New York. The following from the nurse's notes shows the produced spasm of the pharyngeal muscles, and but little water or nourishment could be taken by the mouth, nutritive enemata were given every six hours, and injections of normal salt solution in the intervals (every continuously with cold water: uk. This is sometimes effected results by causing the womb to contract by the machine. By direction of the President is detailed as a member of of absence is granted coupon for twenty days, to take effect about cases and deatlis from contagious diseases reported to the Sanitary Bureau, Health Department, for the week ending Trade Association of Philadelphia Druggists, February loth, a discussion of the sale of articles of a poisonous general expression of opinion condemning the indiscriminate sales of all such drugs, but it was said that the sentiment of many druggists outside of the Association was that an article sold witiiout a prescription must be safe in sixty-grain doses, but during the late epidemic antipyrine was sold almost as freely as quinine. Certainly, we can have no sympathy with the sm-gcon whose unsuccessfid operations are ascribed by himself to etherisation; much less is any man autliorised to attribute the want of success in another to the fact that either chloroform or ether had been used in the case.


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