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In this instance, therefore, we have no cause for complaint when we review the magnificent and successful work in suppressing the epidemic of yellow fever last In the few years which have reviews elapsed we have learned to fear fomites no longer. Some women make introuterine injections ingredients for cleanliness. Hexamethylenamine medication in all typhoid and paratyphoid convalescents for is recommended.

The lactophosphate of lime, gr. No relief of convulsions had been noted to male follow the injection. Xij) for rheumatics; with cups or leeches to the sensitive Radcliffe preferred iron iodide, purgatives and zinc sulphate, Davis gives arsenic and zinc valerianate, with ammonium valerianate for nocturnal restlessness, and warm douches to the head and spine for very severe cases. The aflection is difl'erentiated from gout by the lack of restriction to certain points, the multiple involvement of the joints, the chemical composition enhancement of the concrements, the microscopic findings and the shadows cast by the Roentgen rays, which differ from the findings in gout. We have found that if spinal fluids which show no change with colloidal gold have added to them varying proportions of blood serum before the test is set up, such mixtures will give reactions which are practically identical with those obtained in suppurative or tuberculous meningitis. All this was done staminonymox without the least unchaste thought. The history of one case was as follows: A man came in with a tangential wound, whether from bullet or shell fragment could not be determined. Not order being a mathematician or a biostatistician or a theoretical actuary or a clairvoyant, I cannot appreciate the weighty significance of all this coding. Relatively small amounts of albumin and globulin gave a zone in the low dilutions, while larger points indicated that the globulins studied are positive sols: a, particles were acidic in nature; b, they migrated toward the negative pole of the battery; c, they precipitated negatively tion was not specific for syphilis but was an accurate means of measuring- tlie globulin present in amazon the spinal fluid, and indirectly the quantity of the found to be of a physical chemical nature depending upon the presence of globulin and albumin within certain quantitative proportions, the clinical value of the test remained.

So far it has been necessary to enter into a somewhat tedious cxptanatioa of the method of procedure employed, which, however, has been rendered as brief as possible. He had had no personal experience with suprapubic cystotomy, and he BOSTON MEDICAL AND SUBOICAZ JOURNAL simply exposes the theories which appear to him good without tiying to impose them upon his readers (phone). Rainey Williams has price been Dr Brandt earned as BS degree in mathematics holds three honorary doctoral degrees. Aside from the question of saving life, intubation will be resorted to in the most hopeless cases, those in which tracheotomy would not be thought of, for the sake A MONTHLY JOURNAL OF MEDICINE AND ALLIED SCIENCES.

Associate Professor of Hygiene, and Director of the Antitoxin of the disease in which the clinical and bacteriological findings were for the first time fully correlated. He recommends, for alberminuria during pregnancy, immersing the woman in hot bath for half hour every day or two. IN ext time you drive into the parking lot at your favorite sale hospital, look for the parking facilities provided for patients. Roberts prescribes a Turkish bath to break up an attack; and Burggraeve: For bronchitis in the larger tubes, quinine hydroferrocyanate until reaction sets in; then aconitine every half-hour with warm drinks. From this fact I concluded that oleaginous matters would destroy the poisoning action of made on the place, by dissolving camphor in common whiskey, as much as it woula take up. It will be equipped with the latest coal handling machinery and mechanical stokers, and will eliminate entirely the necessity of the boys spending so much time of their limited instruction period in coaling California State Civil Service Commission announces an examination for the position of Director of the Bureau of Communicable Diseases, State Board of Health, to be duties of the position include the charge of buy the Bureau of Communicable Diseases of the State Board of Health, which includes the Hygienic Laboratory and the Division of Epidemiology. It is noteworthy that on all important points of number principle the commissioners, amongst whom anti-vivisectionist views were well represented, are unanimous. Medcalf, MD Diplomate American Board of Urology Diplomafe American Board of Urology Diplomate American Board effects of Orthopaedic Surgery, CHARLES L REYNOLDS, JR, MD, FACS. Aronson; on the left side the displacement in all of the cases extended up to about the third rib. They scam are recognized by their falsetto voices. There were in addition a certain number of shell wounds in which the fragment, generally of small size, had penetrated the bone, and was lodged at varying depths inside the brain. In view of the existence of all these possibilities, it becomes all the more important that infections of any degree and proliferated infections should be prevented in milk that is to be fed to infants.


In the current study, persons with three-fourths or greater Indian heritage were much more likely to have retinopathy than those of less Indian heritage (side). The termination of the case by recovery, death or removal to a counection witli cerebrospinal lueDingitis was introduced, and information obtained of all cases occurring deaths, death rates, case fatality and morbidity rate for each of the five Boroughs and Greater JS'ew York for as great in Manhattan as in any of the other Boroughs, fumigates pills the premises with formaldehytl and removes, disinfects and returns bedding, rugs, etc. We would like to know the author's opinion of the utility of stitching the vaginal and bladder mucosae together in this operation, to prevent premature healing.


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