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At first it protruded" like a j)ipe stem," and was, according to her, of uniform consistency, but three years later, when it was about an inch long, its lowest part began to become indurated.

The anvil was a block of hard wood, the hammer was a bar of iron pincers, but when the piece of iron was too short to hold while working it they made a wooden handle for it, which they slipped on and off as required. But with some such system in operation for bringing practitioners in more intimate contact with the work of our hospitals, undoubtedly it will be feasible to let the medical colleges enter in and more thoroly control the medical services in the municipal hospitals than has heretofore been done (yi).

A few cases have been found to be associated with erythema nodosum. Reflex spasms not present at the outset. From this, and other testimony, the discriminations against the city insane have been brought into view. He showed us the bruises upon his head, finger-marks upon the throat, and a great many blood-stains upon his clothino-, especially upon the sleeves of his coat: teaching.

Iliemales with periods of" hectic fever," and late in the affection a watery discbarfie may develop (colliquative diarrhea). The contents of the abscess may also find their way through the abdominal wall in the vicinity of the umbilicus.

The brass links, one or more, represent those members of the family decease of the wicked relative. DeYongh considers it" fair to assume that the brown oil owes its great power to the biliary matter and butyric acid, which exist in it in much larger proportions than in the light colored oils." (?) We have, v according to Winckler, in cod-liver oil the fatty acids united with the oxide of propyle instead of glycerine. Sepsis is not an infrequent complication combined with shock, while suppuration, including peritonitis, caused death in IG Case of boy run over by heavy wagon, resulting in fracture of right lower ribs; symptoms of internal haemorrhage pointed to right kidney (source). Soon afler the neuralgia began, all his teeth on the right side of the upper jaw were removed. Laterally or anteriorly, and not rarely there is pain of a luting character in the interscapular region in the early stages of p affection. When the site of obstruction cannot be definitely located, an incision, four inches long, should be made through the right rectus muscle, between the umbilicus and the pubes. The bronchial walls also sometimes become thickened by Inflammatory exudates in certain acute and chronic affections, such as syphilis, tuberculosis, and glanders. The wound in the liver can also be better observed where teacher the tampon is used. The training of the operator then, his possession of all the instruments necessary for the best work in vaginal hysterectomy, his surroundings, the length of liis fingers, and even the rules of the hospital in team which he operates may have an influence on the choice of the operation. Speech at this ti i e was diflicult and teachers slow; a few days later morning vomiting of clear fluid; convulsive seizures with unconsciousness of from fifteen to twenty minutes occurred during the night.

When the present war is over we must try wu to find the right answer to this problem. Compare this appalling death cinated' and're-vaccinated' or'doubly protected' with mixed and for the most part'unprotected' population at Leicester, and we may repeat:'Wherein is the necessity of the operation?" This is positively A careful perusal of this series of letters leads to the conclusion that no good can be accomplished by cultivating a correspondence with men who are disingenuous enough to affect such tours de force in their statistical presentations, and particularly in the columns of a daily newspaper not all of whose readers are capable of putting a proper valuation on the It is a question not infrequently raised in boards of health, whether it is allowable or not to send plumbing inspectors to houses where typhoid fever exists.


The subcutaneous use of opium is less suitable and should be limited to cases in which there are severe gastric and intestinal disorders, cases iu which there are very severe attacks of anxiety, when it is essential to quiet the patient very quickly, and cases in which the pa tient refuses to take medicine. Visitors at an operation are asked to refrain from iiiiirks made by onlookers, and causes less dust and and into the field of operation.


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