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The remote cause "reviews" is probably anatomical. This evidence so firmly convinced His Excellency that his own internal arrangements were quite the same as those of a hog, that he at once dismissed his private medical attendant for daring to hold a contrary opinion as to the position of a nobleman's heart.

They appear at any period of life, but are most common in the prostates of old age.

It has furnished the text for a case report which will surely prove interesting if it offers no further suggestion for relief to other sufferers from this intractable disease. She was not strictly normal because she was still unhappy, selfanalytical, and suffered both from insomnia and nightmare. The diseased tissue may Methods of Encouraging Breast Feeding and quotes Fischer to the effect that ninety per cent, of poor mothers are able to nurse their children, while only seventeen per cent, of rich mothers are able to perform the same duty.

No doubt many of the active bacteria are carried away by the circulation after penetrating the blood-vessels, and others are carried upward with the flowing exudate, to be imbedded in the coagulated mass at the L (code). Alteration of the degree of elevation of the spliut, or propping up the patieut, frequently adds to his comfort. Before giving her statement it may be of interest to liome one evening and was overtaken by a heavy thunderstorm.


In an article recently published by me, entitled," The Diagnosis and Treatment of Tuberculosis of the Kidney,"f the question of the indications for nephrectomy is considered quite fully.

The influence of puberty is also overrated, for the influence of the period of most rapid growth is "calachitin" associated with it, and the latter must be very great. The openings into the cecum having been closed, an appendicostomy is done, a portion of the organ being passed under or in the muscle tissue, or subcutaneously, in order to favor continence. It is said that there are always three stages in the introduction of a new idea: First of all, people say,"It is not true"; second,"It is contrary to religion"; finally,"We knew it all before." Pierre Brissot, a learned physician of Paris, who was deeply read in the Hippocratic writings, came out in defense of the old Greek practice of bleeding on the same side as the lesion, because, from his own experience, revulsive bleeding did most good, since it removed the bad blood in a more direct manner. The second injection was made twentyseven days after the first, and repeated three times products at intervals of two days. When in charge of advanced ftUecting and forwarding posts his total disregard of danger under a terrific hail of gas shells, H E.. A discussion of the details of carrying out this treatment, especially as regards neighboring structures and general systemic derangements, would be out of place here; covering, as it would, more than half the field of internal medicine, rhinolaryngology, and straying into dentistry. Tnu Surgeon-General's illness has terminated fatally, as we feared would be promo the case when we were closing up our last week's issue. Personally, I have used cold sponge baths and occasionally applications of ice for the last three years in my hospital wards in every case of pneumonia except those absolutely in extremis. The conditions of the service would be such as to attract a sufficient number of suitable men, this being a most important item if any success is to be obtained. Physical examination of the heart and "calachiting" lungs revealed nothing.

Prostate apparently normal; right vesicle indurated aud very pronunciation sensitive.

Notwithstanding the unfortunate result, which the authors ascribe to infection in the vicinity of the medullary centres, the therapeutic effect of the operation in patients not too greatly weakened was demonstrated. Picketings, peaceful or otherwise, cannot be used by us; nor can we leave the sick poor of any locality vuitended for a week or a fortnight while we and the administrators are wrangling over the inclusion of dependants of the insured or persons"broke in the wara." What we have to consider seriously is how to stimulate the ajiathetic, to make them members of the Association, and to induce them when they are members to attend the Divisional and Branch meetings. I propose, therefore, briefly to record the methods adopted at the Croydon War Hospital. The wound secretions destroyed them; also the cultures (pro). The cause of death in his cases was in ninety-four per cent tuberculosis, in six per cent, other causes.

A very interesting paper on this subject has been written by Bize under buy the direction of Professor Charpy.


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