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In speaking of the normal stomach, stress was laid upon the relation of the morphology of the stomach to the status of the individual.

The order case was fought by Dandurand's conservator, who contended the patient was still insane, and to all practical purposes an inmate of the State hospital, and, therefore, the county could not legally charge for his sustenance. Gull and Sutton regard renal cirrhosis as only one manifestation of a widespread affection of the whole arterial system, to which they give the name arterio-capillary fibrosis.

The new technic which the author devised for the relief of conical ulcer has been added to the original test. Patients are instructed to take two tablespoonfuls of molasses three or four times a day, which can be diluted with water and used as a beverage or, if the patient will take it, pure cider can be drunk freely. Clironic myelitis, in the most comprehensive sense of the term, includes several distinct affections, among which are, sclerosis of the posterior column of the cord, multiple cerebro-spinal sclerosis, sclerosis of the lateral columns, anterior poliomyelitis, and progressive muscular atrophy. In regard to the secondary organic compounds, they are transformed by some unknown chemical agency, from the elements of the tissues, to be excreted from the system by particular organs. In every instance where the patient was induced to attempt to speak under these circumstances, the only voice emitted was a hoarse, croupy sound, which could with difficulty be construed into the simple words"yes" or"no." In striking contrast was the train of symptoms developed on passing the instrument into the oesophagus. The tumor showed the pearly luster of an ovarian tumor, it liad so grown that it seemed to be caught under the promontory of the sacrum and was adherent to the pelvic wall (buy). The importance perhaps not very consistent since in modern times we see no difficulty in ascribing a lot of properties to the blood in serotherapy, without considering or without knowing in chemical terms just what formula represents any specific attribute. It is curved in its direction, and partially deficient in its peritoneal coat, on account of its being received between the two laminae of the colic omentum.

In another variety the concretions consist composition of the calculi which occasion the paroxysms may be inferred from the knowledge of concretions which have been ali'eady passed, and from an examination of the sediment which the urine deposits. The terms are employed because of the great clinical resemblance to, and fire confusion with, acute lobar pneumonia; but it must be remembered that genuine lobar pneumonia does not caseate, and that this form is not synonymous with tuberculosis complicated by acute pneumococcic pneumonia, which, in this association, runs its usual course. His work is not torn from him, it only claims him up to the last moment when smilingly the brush is laid aside.


Many of the ordinary diseases are then overlooked and are regarded as atypical cases of From a theoretical viewpoint one may assume that in the event of two or more infectious organisms together in the same host there is a certain interrelationship, and they have either a deleterious or a beneficial effect on each other.

Limited applications, save in preventing further injury to the affected liver by syphilis and by use of premium alcohol. (Translated from Book XI., Chapter XVII., of Daremberg's French version of Galen's works.) Another brief extract may be given here.

When the meningitis occurs after a prodromic period extending, as it does in some cases, over several weeks and even months, during which the general health becomes considerably impaired, an antecedent tuberculous affection in other organs is to be inferred; or, it may be that the miliary granulations within the skull existed for some time prior to the development of meningeal inflammation.

Its infrequency is in striking contrast to intracranial hemorrhage. The dropsical collection is sometimes discharged spontaneously, the walls of the abdomen becoming attenuated by distension, and rupture taking place. Some writers limit the term apoplexy to sudden coma caused by extravasation ot" blood.

We have, therefore, an acute ArgyllRobertson coming on in an acute disease, persisting for a while then disappearing. The book is well-nigh indispensable in the library of any pharmacy or in the office of any physician who uses drugs. The stasis is propagated backward through the lungs to the right ventricle, whose dilatation express and hypertrophy cause the large right heart and the increased pressure in the lesser circulation. Expressions - its secretion in the first two years of life is milky and contains iodine, cells, and a molecular There is an intimate, though obscure, relation between the thymus, thyroid, pituitary body, parathyroids, testes, ovaries and possibly also the bone-marrow. Testing her eyes with a Snellen chart convinced me that my suspicion of ocular error was correct. In fact, as Daremberg states, the work of the former represents almost a translation (into Latin) of Soranus' treatise. (c) Paralysis of the muscles of mastication, due to removal of the motor portion of bodyworldgroup the third division. Your secretary is the best salesman next to you. Clinically, the involvement is generally retroperitoneal and when openings are made in such cases of lymphatic infection, inflammation and pus are found. Support by alcoholics and nutritious alimentation is indicated in proportion as the symptoms denote asthenia.


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