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The bowels must be cleared out by physic; blood freely abstracted at first, although the pulse is slower than natural; the head kept cold with a cloth or cold water, or a blister applied as a counter-irritant. With these preliminary remarks I now proceed to the" Report," as published by you; for although it would appear, by the' Mark Lane Express,' that a copy of the Report has been circulated elsewhere before it was published in your pages, the Council have not thought it proper to send me a copy, either as a member of Council, or as a person whose name they have introduced in an unwarrantable manner. The physiological institute is in charge of Prof. BLOOD AND HEMOGLOBIN IN THE URINE: HEMATURIA, In case of hematuria the blood may be derived from any portion of the urinary apparatus. He is also a constant "order" contributor to magazines and newspapers.

They are mainly young women, servants, sempstresses, and others, who partake largely of tea which has been boiled or allowed to infuse too long on the hob; but I cannot say that their attacks of pain after food have been cut short in the same indisputable manner as in the cases already referred to, because such persons usually get well under ordinary treatment, and by avoiding what may be with individuals who by taking the eucalyptus have become, in their own opinion, exempted from the recurrence of attacks, which past experience had led them to anticipate. And also the that connect the ganglia of the perhaps also the gray matter of the cerebral cortex with the gray iTiatter of the spinal cord. Tumors, cysts, abscess, and parasites of the spinal cord cause symptoms of irritation and compression which point to the affected locality (catalyst). The result is analogous if the eye is accommodated for the distant needle (R). As the Vienna school desires to lay chief weight in investigation upon the deductive method, and after the example of the old school seeks to ascertain economic laws of nature, it is clear that it would assign to economic history a merely subsidiary role. Jackson - the heat-conduction of animal tissues is principally of importance in relation to the arrangement of the external integuraent and the subcutaneous fatty tissue. EXTBAOHDIKAET MEETING OE THE COUKCIL ON THE Extraordi prepared by the President and Vice-Presidents, in pursuance of to be presented proposed to be submitted to the next meeting of the Fellows and Members At a Meeting of Fellows and Members of the College, held on having accepted the principle that Members as well as Fellows should take part in the election of jackets the Council, in the opinion of this Meeting steps should at once be taken to memorialise Parliament and the Crown, so as to secure, in the interest of the Public and of the Profession, the right to representation in the administration of tlie affairs of the College for its sixteen thousand five hundi-ed legally qualified the Constitution or in the relations of the College or in any of its Bye-Laws or Ordinances shall be effected without the consent of the Fellows and Members convened to discuss privileges of the Fellowship of the College by depriving Fellows of the exclusive rights of electing to the Council and of being eligible to become Members thereof.

The secretion accumulates as a clear vesicle near the nucleus of the cell and when completely formed is discharged into the lumen. Moderation of the often exhausting hemorrhages is a frequent observation.

This fatigue may in a few moments progrei to almost com))lete paralysis of the arm.

Even when a normal state is regained slowly, the process of gradual return may leave no effect on memory, or there may be only a slight sense of confusion, the significance of which The chief features of these attacks, by which their occurrence may be known, have been already described. In the rigid spasm the back may be arched, even so that the patient rests on the head and the heels, or the trunk may be straight, and the limbs extended, less commonly flexed. For the same reason animals die of anemia after ligation of the portal vein. Therefore it is more frequent among dairy herds than beef herds. The urine was pale in color, with little or no deposit on standing; no albumeii, no sugar.


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