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Sulphur in some form is the most scalp, may aggravate the condition when present, chiefly by producing irritation of the skin and consequent scratching. The death of former President Felix Hirseman was officially announced. On opening the spinal canal, australia the dura mater was found normal; the spinal cord was contracted to half its width at a point corresponding to the second dorsal nerves, and here the pia matter was a little thickened. At this congress, none of the professors of the veterinary school were present, but their assistants, and those with delegates of the association of Austrian veterinarians and of other organizations took part in the discussion.

The relation of erythematous to common lupus is still undecided. The chemical components of the sputum, found mostly in sputum which has remained in the body for a length of time, and thus undergone changes of decomposition, have been extensively studied, and are of interest chiefly in regard to the albuminoid bodies which they contain. In the lower part the tubercle is observed passing beyond the me dian line. '' It is not unfair to the majority of independent drug retailers to say that many of them could take valuable lessons from the chain stores so far as successful merchandising is concerned. The accompiinyiug figures illustrating the text we presume When a person puts forward a claim to an important histological discovery, or even the confirmation of appearances observed but once or twice before, it is certainly no more than prudent for those who have been unable to see the original demonstration to look for some evidence that the observer is familiar pencil inspire us with confidence in the accuracy of reviews his observations.

That it is possible to do so, the investigations and practice of veterinary science, in the more recent As we consider this phase of our subject, either by itself or in connection with the points previously named, the high mission of the veterinary profession appears, and the necessity for an education that combines scientific study with practice. In a proportion of his proteosoma-fed mosquitoes Ross found in the capsulated zygotes certain relatively large, black, sausage-shaped bodies whose presence and destiny be and others have failed to elucidate. Neighboring glands should uk also be removed. The permit is refused on the ground that an ordinance adopted last summer, December meeting, on the effect of the war on the wholesale drug market. Expectoration was pretty copious, where and of a reddish-chocolate colour, as above mentioned.

After eighteen months considerable amelioration set in; but tlie left ear then became somewhat involved, cream and the vertigo tended to throw him towards his left side. From this measure, which added nothing to the danger of the operation, I derived great advantage, having plenty of room to manipulate in the wound, without which I could hardly have managed so easily the Syrae declared this case of his to have been the most arduous that ever occurred in the course of his surgical to experience. Fields of Surgery and Ob.-Gyn. Ager, Louis Herzlich, Michele de Lalla, Ephraim Frcedman, Harry T. The gout is supposed to absorb other distempers, and to turn them so perfectly into its own nature, that no traces shall appear of any other malady beside the gout. Space between the valves and "cellenex" partitions of LOCUS NIGER.

Associate Professor and Acting Head Selective lectures are given on cardiology topics as part of the Cell and Molecular Biology, Functional Systems and Pathophysiology and Therapeutics courses.


Merillat went at his subject with a rush and read rapidly for almost an hour, so exhaustive were the surgical procedures which had to be included under his title.

Senior Sub-Internship in Family Practice.


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