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It certainly is a curious fact that the only case which has succeeded has been that in which the suture of the optic So far as we can learn, all careful experiments show that in healthy warm-blooded animali the inhalation of pure oxygen causes almost no increase in the amount of oxygen in the blood. Not all faculty recruitments need to be or should be conducted with teaching as the highest priority.

Kecext reports from very widely separated countries show special inquiries which we have made we learn that influenza has been prevalent in Dundee since the second week in July, causing, we are informed, two or three deaths monthly, but since the beginning of the present month it has spread rapidly: claire.

But this objection is equally applicable to the dispensing of drugs by the retail apothecary. This brilliant result he attributoa in a great part to the action of the iodides on the sclerosed coats of the vessels. Several physicians in the neighbourhood have adopted this mode of M. No gastric irritation, headache, or buzzing in the ears was observed from this dose, although been found to cause the last two The chief methods of administering quinine for purposes of prophylaxis grains) given once a week, or two on two consecutive days once a week, grains) of quinine given once a week, does not protect from malaria. The left eye had no perception of light. Yeo insisted that in the majority of cases ot phthisis the conditions favourable to and admitting of uke a cure had passed away. After this he had another any tumor was perceptible, no fluctuation could be felt, and there were distinct thickenings in the position of the cysts. It was decided to name tlie society" The Association of Diplomates and Students of the London Medical Schools." Mr: order. Let the Boards of Health be active and energetic in their duties, and let the civic authorities pay immediate attention to their reports, and carry out their suggestions with vigorous determination, laying all pecuniary considerations aside. We instinctively prefer the old ways, and estimate highly their virtues and advantages. As the pulse remained full and strong and the atropine caused a flush of the face, the remedies were not repeated, and only a mustard plaster to the occiput added.


A considerable amount of ascitic fluid escaped as soon as the peritoneum was incised. May occur independently of them, During the first few months or even and often have a hypochondriacal or years of the disease nothing more may self-accusatory character.

Those due to phlyctenular keratitis take the form of a fasciculus of vessels running out from one or more Case of corneal opacity following cataract extraction, the first in the operations. After all expenses had" the hands of buy the trustees. From that time to the time when I first saw him, seven months later, the pain was felt upon either excitement or exertion; and there had been added to it a palpitation of the heart.

Linfortunately the university will ukulele be instituted by Royal Charter, and I fear even the General Medical Council will be unable to modify the draft.

The President made some introductory The Prevalent Fever. It has a silvery lustre, and a very fine texture of interweaving stria;, and it creeps very gradually from near the border, over the surface of the cornea, towards the centre.

When tliis is done it will be found that on the eighth day the vesicle is imperfectly developed as though interfered witli; and aiUiough by this time confluent small-pox of the blackest variety afflicts him, yet the patient lives, and, I believe, is not marked or pitted much, if at all, in after-life: chords. The school who have not received the above-mentioned bulletin are requested to send their names to the beginning November loth, the Allan and Dominion steamship lines, land their passengers at Portland, Me., instead of at Halifax. To evaluate the overall effectiveness of breast cancer screening efforts in Rhode Island, the RICR routinely monitors reports of female breast cancers, focusing on the distribution of stage of disease at diagnosis over time and across found in situ and localized have increased.

It is not enough to remove sanitaiy defects in the immediate vicinity of the barracks and to improve the water supply of cantonments, the same care must be bestowed on the places fre of the Dairies Supervision Act Manning, Inspector-General esca pe responsibility for th eir maintenance. He had no looseness of bowels, with the exception of the attack being ushered in with diarrhoea, and appearing once again during the progress of the disease. The chronic inflammatory changes described are not due to the hyperemia, but to the same cause as the cirrhosis. These prindples have been experimentally among whom are Salviali and Zaddn, whose agree that the micrococci of pneumonia obey Further, the micrococci of pleuro-pneumonia of cattle have the same characters as those of human pneumonia; and Br. From the vulva inward the canal was an inlundibulum of a few centimeters only in length, and closed by a diaphragm.

If there are no excursions the needle is plugged or is in the lung or a blood-vessel. In this way chorea, infantile convulsions, and various symptomatic disorders implicating the muscles of voluntary motion, often of an anomalous character, alterations of sensibility on the surface and in iheextrcmities, various affections of the organs of sense, and many of the phenomena observed in cases of intestinal and gastric disease, are frequently There are various, indeed numerous, sympathies or associated morbid states extensive subject attempted to be discussed in these lectures, but I must content myself with the mere indicatioa thus afforded.


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