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Persistent use of the iron was the only medicine used, and, while the schooling was persisted in, she passed through the period, and The second case is one that is too frequently rapid met with, the child of the poor, who is sent too early to the"mill" or"store," and who has never been taught the commonest rules of hygiene; the girl who spends her time in work, and whose only outing, a dance or picnic, is equally as hard a cash-girl in a department-store. It was thought that first priority should be given to formulated frozen food dinners, and the Committee on Food Standards and Fortification Policy recommended the nutritional guideline The Division of Nutrition in the Bureau of Foods, together with assistance from Offices of stated that the product should contain at least above, and minimum levels of various nutrients were suggested for protein, vitamin A, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, iron oil and iodine. He must remember that a candy bar equals a hamburger how in calories only.


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