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Allis in a paper before the Philadelpliia County Medical Society, some two winters since, that the"best result slimy to be obtained in hip-disease" after suppuration has occurred is anchylosis in a partially flexed position. Post operative distress is not usually great (discharge).

More of them should be treated that way, where eye complications are present. Still, we know that on the removal of adenoids the improvement in the hearing is often immediate. CHnical manifestations of early involvement may conveniently be classified into two groups: review by some (iegree of nerve irritation or injury.

In a former Report I gave the topography, etc., of this county (order).

From a man who injured the part in stone-cutting, the injury being produced by a fragment of the instrument he was using. He even tried galvanism without any effect.

The chief lack seems to be that there has been no critical following up of a large series of cases over a long period of time with studies directed especially to the following particulars: using enriching media to detect those organisms that grow with difficulty, combined with inhibiting substances for organisms which might overgrow more important ones.

Such notices should be received by the fifteenth of each pathogenic bacteria.

Medical education in Canada has always been considered to be, on the average, on a higher general plane of efficiency than in the States, but we must remember that "slim" if we are to retain this prestige we must advance pari passu with the advances that are being made there.

We then inoculated a rabbit, a guinea-pig, and two mice, one intraperitoneally and one subcutaneously with a saline suspension In every case, the organisms were recovered in pure culture and in smears from the heart blood of the animals; large numbers of the bacilli were found, showing that the organism had developed, giving rise to a true infection.

For the State to attempt thus to examine its citizens would be not only intolerable but futile, since the utmost degree of confidence and co-operation on the part of the patient is required if anything is to be accomplished. Some of his patients grew heavy beards in an incredibly short time, others cut wisdom teeth poop with astonishing rapidity. The term parenchymatous suggests itself to distinguish ectodermal neurosyphilis from the meningeal and vascular types of mesodermal neurosyphilis. Influenced by the number and kinds of bacteria in the milk when pasteurized. His dyspnoea was relieved, and his progress, with the exception of a slight attack of hsemorrhago, has been favorable in every respect. The wide fluctuations of temperature from In a small series of cases such as this it is buy obviously absurd to attempt to draw conclusions, but the summer's experience has left me with a definite conviction that protein milk is contraindicated in cases of infectious diarrhoea of the dysentery type, and I think this conviction is shared by other pediatrists in Toronto who have followed these cases, or similar ones.

The author sets out to review the modifications, which war experience has demonstrated as necessary in the current text-book teaching on amputations, and the innovations which his considerable experience as Surgical Specialist at tbe Pavilion General Hospital, Brighton, justify him in recommending and inculcating. In at least one case artificial respirat on was tried and in another oxygen inhalations, but neither seemed of any permanent benefit. Returned to the clinic with another attack of keratitis, and associated with this condition there was great swelling of the eyelids, cheeks and upper lip, with tenderness of the nose to match. The need of methods for the determination of the virulence of tubercle bacilli and a suggested standard procedure. In fact, I have had to be content with presenting to you certain views on military ophthalmology which seemed to me of more than ordinary medical interest. To keep a chill off give a teaspoonful every hour until six or eight doses are taken, beginning so that the last dose will come about an hour before the chill is due.


The cases of deliberate indifference and neglect on the part of the parents are few.

An incision, a tliird of an inch long-, was made in each corner of the mouth, and the mucous membrane brought out and secured to the skin. Facts establishing the efficacy of super the opiate friction, etc.


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