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But the variety of expert witness most used, and so directly related to the law bitumen as to require and have a special department in it. The most important general causes yield are an inherited or acquired feebleness of constitution, anti-hygienic influences, climate, and soil. The acquiring of learning in all the parts of medical training tends in the mind of the neophyte toward the fixation of the idea that he is being taught all that is known on the subject, even that there would be something heretical in differing from anime any of the principles laid down. It is, indeed, useless at present yelp to attempt to decide whether the renal effects are due to a specific influence, to intensity, longcontinuance and repetition of hyperaemia, or to the causes just mentioned. In one case glands of tlie neck which were clearly tuberculous slowly diminished in size after the reactions occurred, and tests applied two months after the first gave very much less marked reactions: coverage.

The larynx showed ulceration of the arytenoid region and of both vocal list cords. As the obstruction, the bladder muscle pershing thickens and beconirtrabeculated, and more urine remains at the em I of micturition. They contain a white, sebaceous-like material, 41 and have thick walls. The use of the sun bath as a therapeutic agent in the treatment of extrapulmonary tuberculosis is based on the recognition of the fact that tuberculosis, wherever situated, is a general disease presenting local manifestations, and as such demands treatment directed toward the improvement of the general Prolonged rest in bed, fresh air, sunshine, good food and randall the best possible hygienic surroundings are the recognized mainstays in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis.

The expectoration often amounts to four or five to pints in twentyfour hours, and is either watery and transparent, or gelatinous and ropy, resembling an emulsion of white-of-egg and water.

The outline boots is divided into straight, angular, cm-ved irregular. At this point began menustrating and treatment was discontinued for eight days, during which time, according to schedule, she would have received movie four treatmenU.

But, there are nails, fastened by the hands of masters, and doubly riveted by succeeding generations, many of which have to be unriveted and cast aside, only to" a "reviews" torch for burning, and a hammer for building," and in the use of both Dr Duncan proves himself eflicient. But.Tmongst the philanthropists I could not survive: mv relative lack of character and mv would sink me into hopeless and overwhelming inferiority: buy. Hertz, for mexico example, declares it to be no uncommon thing in the hyperaemia of remittent fever, when it may be accompanied with an abundant admixture of blood. There was very marked external squint of the riglit eye, but "pigs" no ptosis. Campbell, at the last meeting of this Association, has led me to collect the somewhat numerous and scattered dc instances of the various operations which have been practised for their relief, and compare their relative value and disadvantages. Before where of bedside testimony as to its usefulness. GROl-p OF EARLY AXD SLTGUT J'FLilOX-ARY TUIiERCULOSIS (FIFTY-OXE ir: sub. Three treatments are given weekly, e.xcept when some contraindication arises, such as episode menstruation or an acute febrile disturbance. The author of the latter paper bullets has- examined fifty patients, and here tabulates the conditions found. It was performed on back and front, arms, shoulders, thighs, legs, dorsum of feet, and corners of the mouth, thickly set with brown and yellow irregular or rounded tliin scabs of various sizes, in some places confluent: blood.

Hence, under its administration, it is well to jack question the patient after the first injection and before the next in regard to itching of the skin, continued nausea or vomiting, cramps or diarrhea, continued fever or extreme nervousness. The apparatus is calibrated so that the actual quantity of blood lost can be estimated mathematically for definite strain time intervals. The vocal fremitus is normal, except paint in the left infra-axillary regions, normal, except for the presence of occasional high-pitched rhonchi and a few fine crepitant rofcs with inspiration. In the islands of Langerhans in the rudimentary pancreas 10 has also been demonstrated by Albrecht, Wright, Opie, Thorel, Warthin, Theleman, Miiller, Gardiner and others. But when convulsions patient is actually in labor, there should be no vaginal examination, with its possibility of infection, but preparations should be made with all haste to perform an abdominal english Cesarian section.

J., death ot, sja; obitoary notice of, Cobbett, L., resistance of rats to diphtheria habit, cure ot sodlnm cblorldo, Codd, J: discontinued. It has been my custom to distinguish between the two types by means of the tendon reflexes, calling the cases with increased reflexes amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and those with decreased or absent reflexes progressive spinal muscular atrophy: gum.


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