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The portions of the choroid and the retina which surround theexiavalioii ari'ilrawii to some extent down into it and towanl its axis, and the choroid is (life). The vessels are gradually surrounded by this white exudation, so that only portions of them are visible.


Curcumin - the underlying causes of rupture are twofold, viz.. The wound was closed with a single silk suture, and dressed with cold water. As regards the controlling power of chloral hydrate in strychnia poisoning, the author has "mg" collected seven cases which undoubtedly establish this fact. Barnes was mistaken when he asserted that the most natural position for the attachment of the placenta was buy the fundal one.

Indeed, just here we receive the impression of a strain, on the part of the author, to account for a phenomenon to Avhich his theory does not very well capsules apply, and to give the coup-de-grace to Mr, Erasmus Wilson, for making too much of the' idea of a materies morbi, which Nature attempts to eliminate by the skin Having thus expressed our failure to accept at once his theory, it is but just to Dr. Two or three weeks later, he begins to complain of pain and stiffness in the region of the shoulder: 500. Esmarch's Elastic Bandage, on the other hand, when firmly applied, stops the circulation in all the vessels of the part. On examination it appeared that the incision had not been exactly over the abscess in the liver, for the matter did not come from the bottom, but from one side of the wound, and pressure super on the liver to that side caused matter to flow in abundantly. Insensibility is one of the most frequent, earliest, and constant of the phenomena, but occasionally it does not 60 make its appearance until late. And the tip of the nose deviates A patient sulTering from complete facial paralysis is unable "95" to wrinkle or corrugate the brow, on account of the paralysis of the frontalis and corrugator supercilii muscles. Boldt to tell how labs one should kimw whether to perforin abdominal or vaginal hysterectomy. The albumen in these two kinds of albuminuria presents different uk physical characters. Electricity and massage combined with orthopedic treatment supplement is Bometimes successful. Suspicious cases benefits of yellow fever for sanitary purposes.

IIow stands this statement with regard to cholera in Europe? Precisely the same as is the case in India. It has just been stated that the Royal Commissioners found that, in chimpanzees and monkeys, bio the two varieties of bacilli gave rise to lesions of apparently similar character and virulence. His work contains many interesting and extremely valuable tables, in which are presented the of the principal cities of Germany, Austria and show not only the reduction of fatality of diphtheria under serum treatment, but also progressive the reduction in the fatality of operated cases and in the ratio of operated cases, lie selects a period of periods; a"fore-serum" period of four years, lareraof Juatlce, and of the Interior, Decembei Another table presents the ratio of operated The Freeing of Places from Mosquitoes for Drs. Doubtless there are schools harm than good by their insufficient teaching, accompanied as it is by extravagant pretensions; but these are the exceptions. The natural order Juglandacea) affords some reliable plants possessed of cathartic or laxative powers, W'hose inner bark, in the form of powder, pill or extract, may be safely used to unload the bowels, draw off redundant bile, and, if rightly managed, obviate costiveness without injuring the tone of the stomach and bowels, especially if a little rhubarb be used in combination with it. The general characters but arc comparatively num e r o u s" and features of every forest and shaded path from their extension bright colored red or green pilei.


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