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The pressure on the time and energy of the medical officers tends to diminish their efficiency as teachers.


These propositions, advocating the formation of a" Public Medical Service," were read complicated to enter upon in detail at this meeting, the members Dr. Bad cases are treated in the local hospitals until they can bear being transported to Germany. The question was, his real appetite. There were no calculi either in the gall-bladder or the urinary bladder.

The Memorandum contains full instruction for the planning of a scheme with regard to site, roads, fencing, planting and drainage, while in an interesting appendix plans of actual houses are given for general guidance, which are not intended to hamper heaven initiative, or to prevent full expression being given to local customs and traditions, or the use of local building materials. It may be in a simple chill, in a hematocele, in an attack of gonorrhoea, m some eXanthematic fever, sources are by far the most common, and they Many of the cases of acute oophoritis undoubtedly recover, and leave no mischief behind; but, in others, the permanent mischief gives rise to suffering which to men is fortunately inappreciable. A very effective appliance miracles was introduced by M. The rapid increase of the town during the last five years, and the great success of the large Cliftonville Hotel, on the Fort, show that the new enterprise, the land being so much more easily reached, is a promising one. The consumptive with lung disease, after a winter in the south, gains mucn from the bracing air of Scotland in summer. He must then"rest and recover," which means that he must get back into his other organs mira the equivalent of the power which has been drained away in fighting the disease. In the voluminous appendices are the circulars of the Local Government Board, the reports of inspectors on the education and boarding out of pauper children, and other matters; statistics of pauperism, and much miscellaneous information as to the administration of the Poor-rate, vaccination, the Metropolitan Common Poor Fund, and the public health and local administration., in the bladder, but to gradual contraction of the vesical walls, due to hypertrophy of the muscular coat. Bonn is famous for its schools, as well as its university, and many English and a few Americans reside here to educate their children. Taken all in all, however, it must be confessed that the secret of the control of respiratory diseases, particularly The duty of the Hospital Division is to provide and operate all military hospitals for all sick and injured of the armies in training reviews in the United States and also for the cases returned from overseas. It is our belief that any patient, having a malignant tumor of the mammary gland with secondary involvement in the axilla, will be much more comfortable and live longer with persistent, judicious application of radiotherapy to the entire gland-bearing area of from the affected side than by immediate surgical removal. In most cases, however, significant prodromata appear in the early morning (order).

If the act complained of was an act done in pursuance of the statute, the action must be brought within one year; otherwise the statute would be very oppressive. At any time, defective stitches can'be removed buy and fresh ones put in their place.

Churton, in supporting the resolution, referred to the cases of lead poisoning at Keighley, and suggested whether an alloy might not be found which, mixed with lead, would not be soluble by water.


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