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Avoid fleshy hocks; let them be clean cut and devoid of fot The hind leg should be short, broad, flat, clean and slightly inclined forward, while the pastern should also incline forwards ere it joins the hoof. The wounded man" ran to the stables, mounted a horse, and rode into town (Chase City, Ya., distant four miles), to get a doctor to cut the balls out." He was placed under appropriate treatment, but the operation was not performed until four days later, when the abdominal symptoms and the passage of a considerable quantity of blood in the stools proved beyond doubt the question of intestinal penetration.

But when properly used, under proper indications slime and with proper care, pilocarpine will frequently prove to be a life saving pseudorelapse. Black pepper seems to increase the tolerance of the stomach for arsenic. We do not wish to asperse his intentions. In the more thinly populated districts of Asia, notably in Southern Siberia, great wild herds have been long known to exist. Holmes, on being introduced, briefly pointed out the distinction between the simple and the compound miscroscope, and describing the method by which the imperfections of the latter have been remedied "buy" within the last forty years, he proceeded to speak of the more remarkable improvements it has received at the hands of American opticians and philosophers. The flesh of the Lava, Tittiri, Saranga, Kuranga, Ena, Kapinjala, Mayura (peacock), Varmi and Kurma (tortoise) should be regarded as the best of those of all other animals respectively belonging to their own species. Our most ultra Thomsonians will not object to these views on the injurious effects of cathartic medicines. In all less known languages, in Greek to wit, the common grammars are often much in error. Inculcate the principles of the holy Ayurveda.


The Schwartze- Stacke operation, a combination of the two operations just described, is the one now most usually performed. We are pleased to know, that one has been purchased by the New England Botanico-Medical College. He is now hetweeu the arms and the liody and liet ween the lower extremities.

Owing to the Tree bleeding which occurred this was abandoned and a double ligature applied to the cystic duct and division of the duct made. Churchill, in speaking of the treatment of this form order of menorrhagia, recommends ergot as especially valuable in that class of cases where it is associated with an enlarged or hypertrophied uterus. This making the circle for ever meet, this bringing Omega eternally round to Alpha, is, I think, more and more revealing itself as a great central, personal, regulative truth, and is being carried down more than ever into the recesses of physical research, where Nature is fast telling her long-kept secrets, all her tribes speaking each in their own tongue the wonderful works of God the sea is saying, It is not in me, everything is giving up any title to anything like substance, beyond being the result' of the one Supreme Will. Epistaxis through rupture of a vessel is usually traumatic, rupture may result from increased blood-pressure in senile and degenerate vessels, or vessels may be laid open by ulceration and new growths. There are often evidences of previous ulcerations (cicatrices). The reflex effect of cold and heat conveyed from the skin to the central and synipatlietic sy,stem. On the other hand, one wanting a light and fleet animal would set his inconsiderateness in a striking manner who should so disresrard all the dieLijtes of sound sense as to hope to succeed by any chance selection of II. As soon as this position was assumed, all difficulties disappeared.

It operates upon the physician alone, and confers a personal privilege on the patient, which may be expressly or impliedly waived by him in person or by an undoubtedly have waived the privilege which the law gives him of sealing the mouth of his physician by calling the latter to testify (diet). (b) In caseation or diffuse tuberculosis two or more miliary tubercles agglutinate, isolating the intervening healthy tissue and cutting off its blood-supply.

There was, also, a decidedly marked impairment of slimline the neighboring joints.

He treated the eyes of these animals with the greatest care, first using a cocaioe solution and then sterilizing the parts with a solution of again with the sublimate solution. Finally, it is according as the epithelium is in excess and forms little glandular sacs outwards, or the connective tissue stroma is very active and forms little papillomatous projections inwards, lined by epithelium, that we have the proliferating or the glandular cyst. He now believes himself entirely clear from the calculi, and enjoys comparative exemption from suffering, with improved health. I)ean of the Faculty, signed; by the Chairman and Clerk.


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