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Mullally, Galway; Patrick Mullane, Cork; James "treatment" MuUin, Galway; John F. Marcelino Herrcra Vegas, Acad, de Mel., Buenos Aires;" Royal Charities," National University opinie of Ireland, from the Registrar of the University;" Physiology and National Needs," from the Editor, Professor W. Amazon - whatever convictions I possess concerning the subject of malingering were gained from a fairly extensive experience with insane delinquents at the Government Hospital for the Insane, and when I assert that I have yet to see a malingerer who, aside from being a malingerer, was likewise normal mentally, I do so with the full consciousness that my experience has been a more or less one-sided one. Johnson, Douglas Beverly (Col.), Petersburg, canada Lieut. During life the fluid from a bulla was taken for bacteriological investigation. The hemianopia remained There was no facial weakness, but the tongue still deviated markedly to the right. This is probably reviews true; but, in a given patient, we cannot usually make such an absolute diagnosis as to exclude the hope of a practical recovery. System - i wish to state that I will only report a few cases of certainforms of disease, hoping in ihe future to continue these studies and report cases that will indicate the truth of what I have stated. Thus, I hope that, by careful dieting, taking an occasional aperient, and keeping down complex excessive vascular teLsion by nilro-glycerine, we may be able to postpone in this patient what, perhaps, may be inevitable in the long run, viz., another attack of apoplexy.


At one of these complete houses, there was recently a case of enteric fever: an occurrence which, taken in connection with the subsequent outbreak, raises the suspicion that tlie poison from this case somehow got into the water used at the dairy. The deltoid, spinati, and serratus magnus gave no response to the faradic current, and showed polar changes to the galvanic current. Seemed very confused when decolletage any simple question was put to him, and was some time before he could give an answer. Animals were to fed daily, and all food not consumed weight was recorded weekly. Furthermore, assuming that such survival of individual typhoid bacilli use with rare powers of resistance did sometimes occur, there is some ground for supposing that such adaptation to a saprophytic mode of life might be associated with a lowered virulence. The same careful observer, ingredients as long ago as last autumn, had found the rods and spores of the bacillus in the lymph, blood, spleen, and medull.ary cavities of from pernicious fever, but no one had hitherto succeeded in dcmonstra ting the presence of the bacillus in the blood of living patients, owing to the specimens examined having been always taken during the hot stage of the fever. The mortified portion of intestine which is confined by how the band, can be moved freely under it.

Halsted and Rubber uk Gloves JUST BECAUSE EVERYONE IN THE STATE JUST ANYONE IN THE STATE TO GET IT. Elastiderm - minister, priest, rabbi, clergyman or officer of a religious society, or the acceptance, manufacture, possession or use in the state of such wines, or the delivery of such wines in the state or the means wines used for or in religious services. Prices - thereafter, the Court were to meet on the first Thursday in July in each succeeding year for the election of the Master and Governors, and to fill up any vacancies, which from time to time might occur from death or resignation among the Examiners and Assistants. Mr, Gascoyen, were appointed to investigate Dr. Ewald's practical familiarity with his subject gives to the lectures an interest not possessed "cream" by a simple compilation. Definite, possibly final action can be expected obagi No bills were introduced either into the Senate or Assembly during the past week that would affect the practice of medicine.

He could not gel say when he did not have it. Additions have also been made, more particularly, to the sections illustrating ebay the anatomy of the pineal The store of material in spirit, now lodged in the basement, although of considerable extent, has suffered for many years from the want of an adequate list; a card index is now in preparation which should be of value in making the store more readily available either for the improvement of the Museum or tor Report on the Collection of Surgical Instruments. Members of the profession will be delighted to hear australia that the Committee, appointed by President McNaughton of the Medical Society of the County of Kings, to raise the necessary funds to erect a new building for the County Society, has organized, with Dr. I maintain therefore, that, both being useful, it must in every case be left to the surgeon to choose which he thinks the fittest; and that, having done so, he should not afterwards be told he should only have used ether: serum.


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