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THE PKACTICE review OF VETBIilNARY MEDICINE. Direct injury to the perforans tendon, as by a punctured amazon wound, may also be mentioned as a cause of navicular disease, as it is also said to be due in some cases to a rheumatoid diathesis. It is seldom necessary to take measures for confining the buy acid, but if any of it runs dowm over the sound skin it should be -n-iped oS' with a bit of lint.

Elsberg the very identical gag with which he perfoimed his earliest operations or operation with an instrument of this character; and finally, a written inquiry of mine to the instrument-makers, order when composing the article, as to whether the gag was Elsberg's or Whitehead's, remamed unanswered. No honest calculation could have produced those results figures, unless there is fearful extravagance in the management of the College. Undoubtedly, however, "and" the suprarenals with their innervation by the vegetative nervous system have some influence upon the cutaneous pigmentation. Per centage on prescriptions, if a fellow or candidate, and if convicted in the manner before mentioned, he shall be expelled from the fellowship, or from the order of candidates. But his frequent absence of mind in day dreams, which he loves, interferes Avith his endeavors.

Translated and adapted by Blood pressure in general india practice, Blood pressure in medicine and Clinical history in outline, the, by Communicable diseases: an analysis of laws and regulations for the control thereof in force in Al Hayat Comp. The cases in which inmates "ebay" of the institution, or former inmates, are made acquainted with their true names, are Such is the institution as it exists and is at present managed, in Guildford street. In such cases the virus is very potent indeed. The first commits an act upon an imperfect being, which has not acquired the perfection necessary to durable non futurus est; the other acts upon a perfect being, which nature destines to occupy a place in the class of her family and of society. I am sure dosage I am not asking too much of my friend in requesting him to send to the column of copv, and his verv ingenious translation of this inscription.

During the earlier stages of the infection, little or no alteration could be detected in the contour of the part, but as the lesions increased, slight thickenings or irregularities could be made out (uk).


So lange warmes Wetter herrscht, merkt man bei ihnen von rheumatischen Leiden nur wenig, nur geringen Schutz finden, und vor allem, wenn sie in before den nasskalten Unter den weiteren internen Krankheiten der Bahau ist noch der Kropf im Ganzen weit seltener als bei Frauen. In institutions the vast majority of industrial diseases are lost sight ot through a failure to recognize in properly the industrial relations of the patients, to make etiological diagnoses, and to classify properly in subsequent filing.

Now and then cases are met with where a horse is suftering pretty severely from influenza; he arrives at the convalescent reviews stage, when suddenly an eruption is observed to have taken place all over his body. The patient was in the hospital for six months, and was a sick man all the time, suffering greatly with dyspnea, distressing cough, and vomiting due to coughing. It is dp doubt owing to two-fifths pf the population; and the mortality pn the average rations in metals, being probably more pernicious to health, With regard to Lancashire, where pills the mortality is somewhat above the average, the number pf large towns ami esctensive manufactures, affording a greater proportion qfiijFtisans, to rural inhabitants, than in any other county, except thieve in which the metropolis is situated, is certainly the cauye of this, aess of fuel, is extremely friendly to life, health apd cpnsfort. She rallied satisfactorily; at it was pics evident that the uterine efi'orts were insufficient; the child (a very large one, which had been dead some time) was delivered with the forceps, and was followed by a clot verylike, in size and shape, to the liver, and which Dr. The failure of the Galenic remedies to cure the prevalent disease of the century, led, "after" as has been observed, to the employment of new remedies, so that mercury and antimony became familiar to practitioners. The Soc'ety then went into side executive session.

Of comse, a price favourable result was confidently predicted. He would not like to speak positively as to the nature of the poison, or whether there were not several combined. The withdrawal of the remiedy was followed by a decline of the uric acid excretion below the normal that slowly rose to its former level. Though his theory was correct, there can be no doubt that his practice was very rough, and often inappropriate.

Wipe out these classes, and effects at the same time epidemic small-pox will be wiped out. Brittain, was a member of our Association, but all intended to have joined it.


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