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Of aU classes of the intemperate the habiluiU dram-drinker is the worst. Having determined the foregoing points to the best of our ability, the eye should be systematically examined in order to find out to what extent the intra-ocular tissues have been involved. He says he wishes that every doctor could have a sprain and have It treated by absolute rest and fixed dressings alone, and then that he could have another sprain ami have It treated by means of massage and bandaging. The patient died, and although he probably would have died anyhow I believe he would have had a greater chance to live if not operated on. Fill out your resumes and the fun weekend with cocktails and buffet beautifully managed by Helen and Steve Downing at their home in teen spouses attended as well as some children. So Rosenfeld proves that the fat in so-calied fatty regeneration is not the product of cell breakdown. That college which possesses a professor who does practically overcome them, would ingredients speedily become a very popular place for medical students of the best grade. Payne supports the view held by Virchow concerning the pathogenesis of hepatic giuumy tumours, and holds that the amorphous central portion is to bo regarded, not as a deposit of tissue lowly organised from the first, but as fibrous tissue in a more or less advanced Wliether true hepatic cirrhosis may be caused by syphilis is open to doubt, since in most cases supposed to be of syphilitic origin it has been found impossible to exclude witii confidence the idea of a probable alcoholic Albuminoid degeneration of the liver has not iiifrecpiently been observed in the subjects both of accpiired and of inherited syphilis, and very often in syphilitic subjects who had not been previously affected with caries or necrosis of bone, with cutaneous ulceration, or with profound or prolonged suppuration.

All sorts of caustics have been recommended.

Question the patient as to the drugs taken for be caused by the phenolphthalein which is in so It is not uncommon to find a definite a'sociation of svmptoms with the menses, an example being urticaria. No sane man can object to restrictions which look to the prevention of wanton cruelty; but we can have no patience with that sickly sentimentality which evokes spasms of maudlin sympathy over the death of a worthless dog and yet denies to suii'ering humanity hope of exemption from diseases, the study of which may most readily be conducted The subject is one of importance to all scientific physicians. A bed of clean straw is better than a pillow, because easily renewed, as it should be from time to time. When the victim is near of kin and dearly loved, suspicion of other hand, it is a perfect stranger, never before seen, where there has been no previous arise. Harrington in regard to the value of gauze drainage when used immediately after operation, and said that he regarded Dr. For special purposes, medicines may be injected into almost any In giving medicines hypodermically it is important that the instrument be perfectly clean and that the medicine be pure and well diluted.

Is it to be expected that graduates of such professors be regarded as fit to practice pharmacy? In pills view of the negative answer to this query the Drug News calls for a law which shall compel these graduates to pass proper state examinations ere being permitted to enter upon the practice of pharmacy. In this way a very near friend of my own, a physician now practising in this town, did expel a formidable, though not very large, piece of rough oxalate of lime several weeks after its entrance into the bladder: ephedrasil. Bacteriology has thus immensely clarified pathology, enlarged its scope, and brought it into closer connection with clinical work than it had ever occupied before.

In such circumstances microscojiie examination of the expectorated matters may give decisive other hand, before any such consequences have arisen, we may have in the case of a large tumour involving the whole or the greater part of one lung auscultatory signs which are with difficulty distinguishable from those of extensive pleuritic effusion.


The examiner denied the truth of the reply, threw himself back in his chair, elevated his "buy" heels, and used such language as cannot be reproduced in a medical journal. Other conditions occasionally simulating intestinal obstruction are lead colic, hepatic or renal colic, enteritis: conditions bringing about an arrest of action but not mechanical obstruction, and to be distinguished by the history be first described, as tentative measures for relief are often called for before any definite conclusion as to the precise cause of the in acute or subacute cases, the use of all kinds of purgatives is to be emphatically condemned. Thomson, at a meeting of the Philadelphia County Medical Society. Here, more concentrated or more powerful caustic is easily applied, but its repeated application may lead to mischief. Brown dates back twenty-three years, and though not for all that time has his steady upward course in life been under our direct and constant surveillance, we can say of him, he is deserving of the honor and responsibility which now falls to his medical profession throughout Ontario, for, for several years he was General Secretary of the Ontario Medical Association.


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