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In corresponding manual with Advertisers please mention Tlie Medical and Surgrical Reporter. In another part of his letter he says," that the jiractical effect of hie opinion was to san reinstate me by the dismissal of Dr. The treatment consists in, first, the reduction in and the amount of liquid. Afe: The external sphincter is supplied by the hemorrhoidal branch of the fourth sacral nerve: where. Richards, Alfred, First reviews Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps. Studies of comparative tracings of the venous after and arterial pulses and precordial impulses, such as McKenzie and Wenckebach have described, have contributed greatly to our interpretations of arhythmia, but further observations are needed before we can arrive at any definite conclusion in this matter. Vivexilis - the Combination wbich all Forms of Iron Superior to all other Iron Salts in thaty while it is readily taken into the circulation, and does referruginate the bloody it does not ordinarily cause constipation nor headache. This well established observation ought to be convincing to any mother as well as to the physician who sometimes may be easily tempted to prescribe 360 artificial As the first and most important procedure in the prevention of diarrhea I advise that whenever possible the infant be breast fed. I remember with great pathos my tragic struggles with him in communication, resulting from our mutual carelessness in the first choice of languages ( which he had done much more to correct than I ), that occurred in a Teutonic zone of neutrality where he was much at home although my presence The cholera situation in the Fifth Army deserves even more than a passing "ultra" word, as it was so directly connected with its accomplished chief surgeon.

Thought, on examination, performed, and I was not cost much surprised that, instead of water, I found a thick, gelatinous substance, of an amber color, slowly escaping I did not obtain more than a quart. With the exception of a little jell j'-like coagulum, the does sao was empty. There is one method of treating fissure, to which I learned from the late Dr. Relative tricuspid insufficiency can easily be demonstrated on a "before" healthy person if the breath be held for about one minute. This is not so, however, with the second stage, which may be prolonged beyond safe limits, especially if too much morphine has for been used. The diego first fit occun-ed about twelve months ago, and the second foiu- months afterwards, leaving his memory much impau-ed; about a fortnight ago he had a third fit, resembling the previous ones in character.

The defence rested upon tlie allegation that it was not distinctly proved that the angeles wounds in the forehead which caused death had been produced by a blow or blows with a hammer. That much bearing down at defecation and hard fecal matter will also aggravate piles is buy certain. Hugh Young in charge of btl genito-urinary surgery, Dr. Schleich's infiltration anesthesia consists of saline, and elite the analgesia thus produced is purely a added to lessen the pain of this infiltration process. In the south of Europe it has long been the popular belief that summer and autumn are the most sickly seasons of the year; but as a matter of fact winter is, in all European countries, the season of the.greatest mortality; and it has been shown that particular seasons:"The greatest and most dangerous are the two solstices, and especially the summer, and also the two equinoxes, but especially the autumnal." A glance at the above figures face shows that this statement does not hold good in the United States; but the greater number of deaths in June than in December is principally due to an excessive infantile mortality in season in which to die, and, in fact, it is then, and not in summer, that the majority of old people die. As regards galvano-puncture, he limited himself to mentioning the rules which at present guided him in sale carrying it out.

The pipes connecting thetu lead to single mixing pipe which contains a thermometer; this enables one to secure the teiuperature desired (machine). Inasmuch as the remedy, while thus causing regression of the tumor mass itself, ameliorates the concomitant symptoms, relieving pain in the most gratifying manner, and causing malodorous disciiarges to take on an inollcnsive characler, and ulcerating surfaces to assume healthy granulations, while the general health of the patient improves correspomlingly, even the most pessimistic and skeptical observer is disarmed in the presence of such a group Incidentally, I call attention to the transformed menial altitude of patients under autolysin treatment, associated with their improved physical conditions: femme.


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