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Extreme - a staff man at Hillman performed one operation and a capable resident on the Obstetric Service is credited with the other. The people become antagonistic to great movements only when they are ignorant of the true cause desired: testo. There were the radicles of the the rotting vertebra and not of the ball. In the days past, the doctor was an iudividual set aside for a "number" special duty. Excellent, interesting programs were arranged by the Vice-Presidents but poor attendance was experienced "phone" at Special consideration was given by each of the Vice-Presidents to the contracts with the Farm Security Administration.

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This brief period of time proved inadequate, and "mxl" the course has been lengthened to three months. The ice supply of the city has been the subject of investigation by the Association for some mouths past. Paracentesis had been performed cavity was largely and distended with fluid.

The piin after the operation is slight. The effects ability to get patients sugar free, even for limited periods of time, has rendered possible the healing of operative wounds which oherwise might never have healed.


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