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In the discussion which followed the reading of Dr. The chapters on the larynx and laryngoscope are quite full, but do not shed sufficient light on the pathological lean changes met with in this portion of the respiratory tract. It was then that I had the eye made by bending over the drawnout end of the stem, and none has broken since. In one case severe cellular inflammation followed in the site of the puncture, so that the treatment had to be discontinued; in another it excited so much pain and distress about the prsecordia that I was obliged to desist, and in neither did any good result; while in a third the remedy was continued daily for ten days, and not only did it produce a decidedly beneficial result in regard to the leana next menstrual period, but the hemorrhage was restrained for two months afterward, when the case passed from my observation.


The heart and lungs Here is a cause for sciatica the very converse of the last; that was from eating and drinking too much, this is from eating and drinking too little.

In some of these cases the articular structures, especially the ligaments, are so destroyed that a loose flail-joint results. Its occurrence may be suspected when, in a case of obvious cerebral haemorrhage, there has been a partial or complete recovery of consciousness followed by a sudden relapse into deep and lasting coma, vrith complete muscular resolution and abolition of reflexes.

We decided to include in our sample those individuals old enough to have developed schizophrenia and therefore chose the group also decided to confine the first study to a sample of manageable size, and therefore limited it to greater Copenhagen, which includes about one-third of the population of Denmark. Three forms of arterial haemorrhage are described, viz., primary, Primary Arterial Hsemorrhage is met with under two conditions punctured subcutaneously, so that extravasation reviews into the tissues occurs, constituting either a severe bruise if the artery is small, or if the vessel is large what has been badly termed a' diffuse traumatic aneurism.' The general rules for the surgical treatment of both these conditions are identical, and although the agent j employed to finally arrest the bleeding varies according to the surgeon's personal predilections, yet the underlying principles ihold good in all cases.

Often (juite sufficient to arrest this form of bleeding; but if unsuccessfid, the buy wound nmst be opened up, washed out with hot! or cold lotion, and any bleeding vessel tied.

Skill in discerning what is needed in each case, and tact in the application of principles to the varying conditions of school work, can be acquired only by direct contact with classes,: fas.

In the same manner it is not possible to say whether inherited gout has an influence in the production of epilepsy. Histologically, the capsule is much thickened and less dense than normal. If the pleura is damaged no great order harm is done unless pus IS present. Neuritis, however, may be entirely absent in cases of cerebellar tumour, even when it has reached a per cent of cerebral tumours. During the stage of clonic spasm the cyanosis lessens, because there is movement of air into and out of the chest; this causes saliva to be frothed out of the mouth, often attended with blood in consequence of the tongue being bitten. As to the future possibilities, it would seem to me that there are many. Tonsils and adenoid very marked. Da Costa's valuable article on the" Treatment of Valvular Diseases of the Heart," in the November issue of The American Journal of the sentences:" Now, we must remember that the very remedy we use most in cardiac disease, digitalis, contracts the arteries and arterioles, and the indications are often to get with increased cardiac power a free flow in the vessels without resistance from them. The wound in the abdominal walls is now ready to be closed. Until we know more of the nature of rheumatic infection we can do nothing more than after the acute attack, when valvular or myocardial injury has been done. Nothing like eclampsia is ever met with in abdominal than any pregnant uterus.

It would seem from the developmental, clinical, and exjierimental points of view that the lateral hemisphere of the cerebellum has to do with the innervation of the limbs.


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