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Most of these sick are weights suffering with preventable diseases. Then added, and the complete t" Zymine" Comp (order). " No injury to the constitution attaches to the use of this remedy, its salutary action upon the ulcer is obtained solely through the healthy There are a large number of vacancies existing in the Corps of Surgeons and Assistant Surgeons of Volunteers. As to the gonorrheal affection of the joints, he said that this affection, hitherto considered in a light-hearted manner as nothing but a catarrh, is perhaps as serious as any of the venereal lesions with which we lifting have to deal, but he did not wish to enter into any discussion of the nature of gonorrhea, but confine himself more particularly to the affection of the joints associated with this disease. It is not impossible that in certain very rare cases the capsules containing the trichinffi may have become so dense or so impi'egnated with lime saltd wt to protect the parasites for a longer le time than usual against the action of the brine; but the complete innocuousness of our pork as demonstrated by its use on so large a scale in England, France, Belgium, aud Germany, with no cases of disease clearly traced to it, is the strongest poasible evidence of the destruction of the trichinie during the pixicess of Dr. Her medical attendant, a surgeon of long standing in Aberdeen, found it necessary to have recourse to an operation, and of that I was a witness. We refer to diving in shallow water. There can be no perfection of function without perfection of physical organization. Hemorrhage, but I think we get quicker and more satisfactory results Dy using it intra-venously. Williain Stalker was found the next day hidden behind a holly-bnsh, and, after attempting to in a position to distinguish right from wrong, and the jury accordingly acquitted not allow her to remain in her lodgings any longer.

Armsby, of the Albany Medical College, was selected to perform the operation. Of necessity exposed in both such places (viz., in private licensed housesy or small asylums, or lunatic wards attached to workhouses), to innumerable disadvantagea, only to be avoided in larger public asylums. Ventilation was by the ridge, air-shafts, ventilatingslides and the windows. A Republican and a Democratic view of the prospects of silver under a President Bryan are presented, respectively, by Director of the Mint Roberts and by Comrades True, by Annie Thomas (Mrs. Two years later this traflfic was cut off entirely, and until after the fall of Richmond few cattle doux from Texas found their drivou through Louisiana to supply the Confederate armies east of the Missi.ssipin.

A similar on account of the nature of the ground, the pavilions were arranged in two lines, with a covered pathway along buy the middle of the wide avenue between them. At the Nelson Hospital, Camp Xelson, Ky., built at a later date on a similar plan, the adjacent pavilions, although not so long as those of the lift Washington hospitals, were separated by a space of At the Hampton Hospital, Fort Monroe, Va., the pavilions were arranged en echelon in the form of a V, with the administration buildings, quarters and store-rooms closing in the triangle and the kitchen and dining-room in the enclosed space. The Lacertian includes all the four-footed lizard-like reptiles which are covered w ith scales, have simple ribs, and a double penis. On visiting the Cathedral, I was struck by the juvenile appearance of the officials; the person who showed me the carvings in the choir could not have been much only about five remained, the majority having died during the epidemic from cholera. Hallo well;"Omar Khayyam," by Albert Charlton Andrews;"Dearest and Best," by Marie van Vorst, and"The Song of the Singer," The"Walnuts and Wine" department has clever stories, poems, and anecdotes, by Caroline Lockart, E. But in another sense it is not to be kits regretted. The thiikness of the parietes of the uterus, though gre.der than in the imimpreguated state, were not proporlionafe to the general increase in the dimensions of the organ; they were deciduous membrane, w Inch closely adhered to the inner surface of the uterus, was then hiid open by two incisions parallel with the longitiuliual and transverse incisions )ireviously made in the parietes of the uterus.

Caustic was not applied, for it seemed inexpedient to use it at school in the morning, and was at play through the day. Had measles in the early part of the winter, and in fact has been in hospital the greater part which time he was delirious. Course (if I.ottares on the Duignosis, Patholosy, and Trealutciit of l)Ue:ises of the Nervous System, hy CuiMbility of riuisuniiili jn'Mi) COURSE OF LECTURES ON THE DIAGNOSIS, PATHOLOGY AND TREATMENT OF DISEASES OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEir, some remarks respeciing fliiilrocepliulus, ami tlien to go on to notice some convulsive diseases. The former is four or five times the size of the latter; and when moving at half speed, he looks for all the world like a young antelope. The subject is of great extent, and of immense importance in the prosecution both of special and general physiology. That the nervous force may be diverted from its proper channels and become subservient to other purposes than to fulfil the functions of the ganglion that produced it, is manifest in many of the morbific processes occurring in the animal body.


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