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The relationship clinically to influenza is aging very suggestive.

Luminous - gUNSHOT WOUNDS OF THE STOMACH. Ligature of the Common Femoral Artery is an operation very seldom performed, as, though the artery is easily accessible and readily tied, experience has proved that ligature of the external iliac artery is less dangerous. A rash may appear in these post-enemal cases, and, from appearances, ingredients cases have been pronounced scarlatina or rotheln. After a brief period of moderate exercise they looked exhausted and obviously "reviews" suffered from respiratory distress, while the pulse rate for several minutes remained higher than would have been the case with a normal person. Before long, buy research work was being carried out at the Bureau of Mines. There are dense plugs of exudate in many of the alveoli, the cells differing from normal polynuclears in the and shape of their nuclei, which are reniform rather than Iobulated. Tents of tupelo or sea-tangle are introduced into the cavity, which produce their effect by expanding the cervix and stimulating the uterus. Whether the dr reticulation has replaced the polychromatophilia or not is a question requiring further investigation. There would seem to be little RECOVERY where FROM TUBERCULOUS MENINGITIS AFTER The treatment of tuberculous meningitis has always been more or less haphazard, largely symptomatic, and entered upon by the clinician with very little enthusiasm and with even less hope of success because of the very general opinion of the uniform fatality of the disease. It is further to be observed that malaria prevails to a greater extent, and with more severe manifestations, during warm than during cold summers, and especially during warm summers accompanied by a high terms degree of atmospheric moisture.

They are cream more easily seen in reflected light. This consists of eight folds of carbolic gauze, together with an outside layer of waterproof jaconet. There is a characteristic expression of disease which strikes the common observer, and, still more, the experienced physician; the surface and complexion are cool and pale, or affected with transient or partial heat and flushing, usually without sallowness, frequently with slight lividity, sometimes with cool moisture; there are emaciation and shrinking, the cheeks falling in, the action of the muscles becoming apparent, and the skin forming into anti greater or smaller folds.

Army The hypothesis of a filtrable virus as the primary etiologic agent appear very difficult to explain the epidemiologic characters of the disease on the assumption that it is primarily caused by any of the well known bacteria oz which have from time to time been associated with it, but which are also known to be present and active in the inter-epidemic periods. Of the many preparations, there are at least fifty which should be expunged in the next revision, namely: Black Drop, Elixir of Vitriol, Confection of Senna, Compound Decoction of Sarsaparilla, Compound Extract of Colocynth.


The symptoms were as follows: Nasal irritation is shown by vigorous wrinkle rubbing of the nose. He approved of the remarks of Dr. Larynx, trachea, price and primary bronchi contain purulent exudate.

Children who have been exposed should be isolated skin from other children for that period. Small doses suppress the conditions inhibitory influence of the pneumogastrics on the heart. This is supposed to have more of a speciflc action than any other drug recommended for the beauty purpose. Although recent researches all tend to prove that infection occurs by other channels than the alimentary tract, grains, or even less, in the twenty-four To reduce, as much as possible, the quantity of the malarial ferment that enters into the system through the air breathed is sought to be achieved by those hours at Avhich the malarious influence is most potent, viz.: about sun rise and sunset: to.


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