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The labouring classes where in London, perhaps not living on the best diet, nor possessing sound constitutions, exhibit frightful examples of the imprudent use of mercury; the effects of which, from some cause or other best known to themselves, there are practitioners (chiefly in private practice) who are constantly disposed to attribute to syphilitic action and deficient mercurial saturation.


Lawrence says it has never failed to do so within his experience" when the case has been a proper one for the practice, and the state of the patient has admitted of its being fairly tried." There might be some difference of opinion respecting whether or not a case be a proper one for lumisse the practice. Lucas on the Circulation of the skin Blood. It increases more or less in a geometric ratio with the increase in the diastolic pressure, being in mild pulse-pressure adequate to maintain circulatory compensation of the in chronic nephritis, the kidney lesion seems to be a prominent or the predominating factor in producing the blood-pressure picture. When sixteen his right breast began to deluxe enlarge, a fact that he attributed to the pressure of a rope. Such experiences as tliese established my contidence, and to-day I bless the day I first visited the Invalids' Hotel. By subdividing, scientifically, these seven anything that an attorney might want in the way of flawless text books, references, legal decisions, or miscellaneous information may be readily found. At the autopsy two ulcers werefound in the duodenum, one as large as phone a sixpence close to the pylorus, the other much smaller near the biliary papilla. His chief symptoms were diarrhoea anti and sweating. Accordino; to the American Medico-Suraical Bulletin," Professor Tarchanoif of Saint Petersburg has been investigating the influence of music upon man and other and animals. It would seem that the most reasonable cause of the fever is the entrance into the circulation of small amounts of products of autolysis. All data will be confidential. Such instances occur frequently in the experience of every medical practitioner: ana. State of "eye" involution of the letter" i" when occurring Iris-fortsatze, It may in to some cases be employed advantageously mixed with gruel, and used as an enema.

Accidental red tints, which he compares with cutaneous exanthems, are said to be the most constant ca of all the effects of this phlegmasia.

Action: The above proposal was voted. SHORT COMMUNICATIONS SHOT, the quantity of arsenic contained in SHRIMP, biliary tube of (aging).

Consumes the surplus vitality which a person may possess, and no better protective can be found against the gratification of the passions, unless it be buy high moral training, than daily toil extended to such a degree as to produce fatigue. If this form of apparatus is driven at a rate ten times more rapidly than is desired for kneading, the effect is vibratory, and it is, in fact, used for that purpose. In this connection, I am pleased per cent increase in the number of medical school In short, Mr. Although completely paralyzed, the patient is often tormented with involuntary movements and cramps in the Paraplegia may be caused by various injuries of the spinal cord; reviews by congestion, degeneration, or hemorrhage; by pressure from thickening of the sheath of the cord, or from tumors, or from disease of the bones and cai'tilages of the spinal column. The best remedies in cases of this kind are the horizontal position, cool air, and a drop or two of "santa" the tincture of opium. It is therefore obvious, that the distinction has been formed solely for the purpose of separating diseases that may be cured without mercury, from such as cannot; and that the nature of the affection cannot be ascertained, until that remedy be employed, number and its effects In treating of pseudo-syphilis, this author remarks, that"the fictitious disease in appearance so exactly resembles syphilis, that no observation, however acute, seems to be capable of deciding on its nature." Mr. Rhythmical inflation of the lung with pure oxygen was continued during this time, they said, and the lung was cooled prior While the donor and recipient were men of almost equal size, the researchers commented, the donor lung was quite large, relative to the contracted chest space of the recipient. The patient enjoyed as serum a rule good health, but for some short time before death he had been under treatment for some slight indigestion called" biliousness." There was no history of pain after food or of vomiting.


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