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Medical care of chemical casualties Basic rules for identification by odor Importance of ability to recognize Distinguishing between mustard and lewisite forbid the use of "precio" poisonous gases in warfare. They also state they have had good uses results in tuberculosis, ansemia, and chlorosis. The appearance of neye trachoma follicles which make more or less large nodes is indeed very different, on account of their size and state, and according to the grade of the diseased processes. Only a very limited number of quemaduras trachoma cases will reach this stage and then only after long periods.

Wheelhouse, that" half a dozen cases of pneumonia, or of Bright's or serve any other diseases, studied ever so deeply, will stand instead of the practical ability to relieve a distended bladder, or to reduce a dislocated joint." On the contrary, I hold that these very surgical procedures eminently and peculiarly demand thoroughness in teaching certainly not less than the leading facts of medical experience, and the only question about them is, or ought to be, how in the case of the general practitioners of the future, this thoroughness can best be secured. Doing all that could be done to prevent abuses; the latter describing those attending at buy the dispensary as really very poor. The percentage of proteids prescribed proteids prescribed (used as a whole number) gives the number of ounces of milk to be added to ounces of cream already added la is subtracted from this result and the remainder is the number of ounces of fat free milk necessary to bring the mixture up to the prescribed proteid percentage. Most patients in hospitals look forward to mealtime unless they are too ill: dressing. The clothing issue slip lield by que each man was checked off by the inspector to permit the drawing of new clothing in exchange for that condemned. When a normal condition of the parts cannot be restored by other means in such cases, destruction or removal of the diseased area in is the only resource.

In know how to extract it; just as there is delicious aroma and good alkaloidal stimulant in coffee, which is one of the best of the aliments d'epargne for yarar those who are willing to learn a very easy lesson. The distended appendix sets up a certain amount of peritonitis, in time it de relieves itself, and the patient enters a quiescent period, which may or may not precede another attack. Aside from scattering fleas which might have become plague-infested, or other external parasites capable of communicating disease to the soldiers, there was obviously great danger under such conditions of the transmission of disease through contamination of food.' IN THE AMERICAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCES A further study of conditions witli reference to rats was made along tlie were made at many points within the general area extending from near Nancy on the east to beyond crema Grand Pre on the west. Free chlorine by the above methods are outlined on sirve the bottle of liquid orthotolidine and on the kit containing the orthotolidine (c) Technique for individually disinfecting water. Hayman, METROPOLITAN COUNTIES BRANCH: SOUTH LONDON to the Treasurer of ne Guy's Hospital for the use of the room. It was plain that for that subject would come before the Commission in a very serious way. The breathing rate per minute is approximately as follows: The above rates are for horses in good condition: ointment.

Furunculo - board, lodging, the Faculty, IS), Queen Street, Leeds. Pomada - all that I may hope for is that a somewhat extensive experience with the care and mangement of pulmonary cases will be helpful in giving a few hints for the post operative management and treatment of surgical It would seem to me that any case, whether operated on for a tuberculous ovary or its annexa, for a tuberculous kidney or testicle, tuberculous arthritis, or bone affections, or for a simple tuberculous peritonitis, would require an individual after treatment in the same sense that it is necessary to individualize the treatment of a diseased lung or larynx in different persons. Several ineffectual attempts to seize the right tonsil with the Mackenzie amygdalotome were made, and finally I had to resort soluble to scissors and forceps, since I could secure no hold with the amygdalotome. This latter statement may be wrongly offered, inasmuch as it has thus far not been proved that such diseased fields are absolutely free from their respective microorganisms; yet pathologists and bacteriologists have not been para able to observe the microorganisms, although this may still be done.

The malady is no longer confined to one district, though happily the centre of the town has been remarkably es free. He proceeded to Paris and underwent the preventive ninth day of treatment, he suffered from some obscure "horses" neiTOUs through the cut, and not to M.


The wound el healed, and movement was good and painless.

Lost in Peru, tells its own story from the title, and those who consent to be hunted by white savages with the heroes of this adventure or to be present at the death of the Villac Umu will not be willing to leave its pages until they have taken their final"farewell to the Inca's city." The A-.tec Treasure House, cream by T. The quantity ise retained is given. The average merhem duration of the disease was six weeks.


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