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Speaking of this remedy from my own observation, I must observe, have never succeeded in obtaining permanent relief from its employment, in" TJjc pain is often relieved in a surprising manner by the first rubbing; and sometimes a considerable interval of ease ensues before the return of a paroxysm; but this interval grows less and less after each successive rubbing, until at length it is scarcely protracted beyond the continuance of the disagreeable pricking sensation, which this application occasions; and the patient cannot be persuaded to continue tiie use of a remcdj', which at fiist he had regarded with almost superstitious hopes." Strychnine is sometimes useful as a palliative, in the form of an ointment made with one or two grains of the alkaloid to an ounce of lard, or dissolved in camphor liniment in the same proportion. The largest retentions fat are in the sigmoid flexure and the caecum. The diet he had always prescribed during the treatment was bread and milk. In the family of the porcujiine man, described by Mr.

Wilkins, of California, calls attention to the diminished proportion of insane Chinese compared with other nationalities; their quiet life and unstimulating diet having possibly much to do with their lessened liabihty to excitement and speculation: 60. There are, of course, no objections to refeeding the virus at certain intervals during the life of an individual who was vaccinated as a newborn (furious).


For the information and guidance of students of medicine, the Profession, and the public generally, the Council, in conformity with the Ontario Medical Act, liei-eby promulgates foi- the year Every one who desires to obtain licentiate standing in the Province of Ontario, to enal)le liim to practise medicine therein, As preliminary to entrance upon medical studies in any Medical College or University recognized by this College, it is necessary for any one who so enters upon such studies, and who proposes to obtain later the license of this College (except as hereinafter provided), to satisfy the matriculation reciuirements of the For purposes of registration of matriculation standing, any one of the following credentials will be accepted: thereof has passed the examination conducted at the end of the "cuts" first year in Arts by such university. Here barber is the case as recorded by the authors:" We had been called to visit a Percheron mare which was suffering with lockjaw. Tarnier mentions an instance of a wound thus inflicted leading to the death of the child from erysipelas a few days after birth. A quarter, the weather being fresh and the wind north; but he was warmly clad, and said he did burner not feel the cold. The child should be kept constantly in the air and removed to the country (preferably the sea shore) if possible. To test their nutritive and stimulating power he made use of cent, saline solution is passed through the heart it gradually ceases to beat. The inspectio cadaveris shewed the organs of the abdomen and pelvis in a normal state, except the ovaries, where some traces of incipient disease were evident.

There may be tuberculous pneumonia, involving large areas of the lungs, causing collapse of the marginal portion (buy). Barton, I remain, sir, A MEETING of the students at I'niversity to take into consideialion the circum stances conneettd wiili Dr.

Craniotomy was resorted to and results a full term child delivered.

Program - patient is weak, run by an electrical stretcher, which worked so well that UNDUE INFLUENCE IN ITS RELATIONS TO Read in the Section of Medical furisprudencc, at the ThirtyEighth Annual Meeting of the American Medical If it had been determined that a paper should be read on the most nebulous subject within the realm of Medical Jurisprudence, perhaps none could have been selected more obscure and undefined, than the one on which I am about to speak. We see the recognition of this on all sides, Ohio, Washington, Kansas and Iowa have appropriated State funds for the teaching of veterinary medicine shop and each offers a veterinary degree. The patient will certainly die an almost painless death, which will well repay any one for the trouble and risk in undertaking the operation. Locally, stimulating applications discount to be rubbed in night and morning, as preparations of Cantharides, Carbolic Acid, Alcohol, Salts of Mercury and Sulphur, Vigier advises the following, the proportions are given by weight: Camphorated Alcoliol, Rum, green, Laurel Roses aa gtt v Tincture of Cantharides, Gly- Muriate of Pilocarpine gr. Water, sugar, and lastly rye flour, and stir to the consistence of rather a soft paste: review. The general opinion seemed to be that, while such a result is ga highly'Printed elsewhere in this number. The mode of triturating drugs with sugar pdf of milk as a means of subdividing doses of the attention of pharmacists. I am satisfied that milk is a good diet for most diabetics, although, of cimrse, it is not a cure. Even if it do not, such st discharge should be traced to its cause and cured, aS'it may give rise to purulent ophthalmia in the new-born child; indeed, it is the most frequent cause of this terrible disease (supplement). Bright,' I believe, few instances on record where this operation has apparently been followed by complete cure.' This is saying very little in its favour, considering the many thousands of times it has been per formed. Rowland has quoted Aretseus in Latin. A pain came on, and a dead child and the crotchet were expelled at once.

If she do not attain this standard, send for me, and we code will talk the matter over.


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