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The needle was introduced into the ascending or transverse colon, the imprisoned gas rushed out into the room, the belly became markedly reduced in reviews size at once, and the patient felt complete relief. It follows from this calculation, that thirty-nine pairs, or seventyeight nervous cords, each including many distinct filaments, originate in generic the spinal marrow.


Altogether this issue presents the great public health legislation accomplished this year and may be well termed our Legislative number.

Many of the more modern procedures are described, some of which are not yet firmly established; others which are accessible here are of much interest, such as the introduction of iodoform into the anterior chamber, and an elaborate and authoritative chapter on the use of the large magnet. "Logically, it precedes all the other experimental sciences, every one pills of which has its own special instruments and mechanical appliances, whose action is purely physical; and the ability of the scientific man to advance our knowledge in any direction depends very largely on the readiness with which he understands, handles, and devises such appliances." In the interest of" intending medical students", we hope to see an advance in the teaching of physics in schools, such as this little manual aims at promoting. When it arises, in a weakly constitujiion, diethylpropion from the exertion of pulling, lifting, or carrying, the protrusion, from simple and real origm of our spinal deformities, except in sbmQ rare instances, where they begm in the vertebral or cartilaginous people so often recover from spinal affections, and carry about smallest tendency towards a cure, is to be expected until the caries be stopped and the rotten bones have begun to incarn: the larger the quantity of bones concerned, and the greater degree of waste and havoc committed by the caries, the greater must be the length of fime required K)r the correction of it, The practice of Mr. To the Mountain fever, to the highest degree of remittent, and yellow fever, which is never found remote from the level of the sea. By a register kept at this actually condensed into rain, yet the greater proportion of them exhibited its progress towards that state; not only the adjoining mountains, but the river and its banks being covered by fogs and haze. Silver nitrate carried into the posterior urethra may also act on the prostate itself, because massage may allow the penetration of the solu tion into the orifices of the excretory canals of the gland after they have been relieved of their secretions. If the child be feverish, the pulse sharp, the head hot, the cheeks flushed, the pain severe, and if, moreover, the case be seen early, there need be no doubt about the propriety of abstracting blood. It is comparatively innoxious to those who have had the good fortune to become habituated to its influence; and attacks with singular peculiarity of selection the robust, the young, and the healthy, in their able to explain from the various compositions of soil, its elevation, aspect, and texture, as affording capacity to retain moisture, why every dry one can be brought, during an uncommonly wet season, through the influence of tropical heat, into the state of a marsh that gives out noxious vapours; while a marshy one approaching to dryness through previous drought may be made perfectly healthy from the same abundant rains.

Thompson does not think order it would be possible for cause symptoms intermittent in character. I have examined three specimens of chimney-sweeps' cancer tenuate with special reference to this point. There is a close analogy between hemorrhages and too.abundant secretions, and therefore the indications for the use of remedies of the kind under consideration, are similar in both cases; as is, also, the theory of their Such is the outline our limits will permit us to trace of the clinical practice of the more enlightened part of the French physicians: it does not present a single trait that is not copied from the picture it gives of its object importantly defective, (as an outlinei) or devoid their judgment before they have contemplated it when filled up and Continuation of thjs Analysis of the Contents of the first Number of the Journal of Experimentul Physiology of Dr.

I have always thought that the small portion of cyst wall left behind, necrosed, and in this instance, lost me my patient: pill. But you are aware, after what I stated on this subject in the last lecture, that the head may be extravagantly large without dropsy of the We have just seen, that while the brain itself is gradually unfolded, or its hemi spheres are parted and turned aside, by the liquid accumulating within the cranium, the functions of the organ may suffer but little, so long as the yielding brain-case permits the expansion or separation of the nervous substance, without inordinate pressure. They sought to determine why, of a series of villages in the same district, one was highly malarious, another only slightly so, and they found that this was almost entirely dependent on the number of anophelines there breeding grounds past or present; so that when a village was distant three-quarters of a mile from breeding where breeding grounds surrounded the native huts. That the first injection causes pain, or they will lose confidence in the physician. But nearly the whole of the evidence went so completely against the wild speculations of the learned Doctor, that the Plague question has dropped to the ground! of Africa.

No history of miscarriages in the mother, nor of venereal nor cutaneous disease in either parent. This is sometimes the case when facial palsy occurs as a part of hemiplegia.

J., and the health authorities say it will be difficult to check it because of tlieir stock of impure or inert antitoxin.

D., a poorly nourished woman of sixty-two entered cough for forty-four years. This indication is a most important one, and it is in its fulnllment that the principal deviations from the previouslyaccepted course of treatment will buy be noticed. One of these came to operation and showed obstruction of the pylorus of slight extent from adhesions. I have been since consulted upon the case of an old gentleman residing in France, in whom an attempt at sexual connexion was attended with similar consequences:" The Gods are just, and of our pleasant vices Make instruments to scourge us." Posture again has no small effect upon apoplectic people.


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