Get the Look of the White House

Finally, this week the American President decided to unveil the old family dining room of the White House. The place was predominantly used family of the president to have their dinner but the first trendsetter; Jackie Kennedy changed the rules. He started to move the family meals upstairs as he preferred to have it in his room.

From then, it is served as a less formal occasion with a staging place for the top bureaucrats and heads of the state who had come to have dinner at the White House.

No wonder after listening so much about the dining area of the White House, you would want to have your dining similar to it as well. The North End apartments Dallas are proudly presenting their new project for those who seek an apartment with such modern art and antiques. Someone stated in case you do not live in the White House; it does not mean that you cannot have the same look for your apartment. No matter who you are and what you do but you still could be the leader of the free world. The issue that you have to do is to overcome your fears of mixing up modern and traditional ways of renovating a house.


  • Chevron wood floors can add high values to the beauty of your apartment. The floors of the White House is covered with this tasteful wooden flooring but luckily this way of covering the floors has become the trend again and any qualified flooring carpenter can design your apartment floor in the same pattern. However, the cost of the project may sometimes give your pockets a hard time. But the new North End apartment are providing the same wooden flooring at just a moderate rate of 2$ per square inch of space. The price is quite cheap as compared to the other flooring chains who are providing the same service at not less than 4$ per square inch of the floor.
  • The apartments are kind of building on modern paintings. It means that the flat’s designers have left no stones unturned to create a unique look for your apartment with different style of architectures and furnishings.
  • What good is a naked floor without a custom rug which adds elegance and style to your apartment? Here, at North End apartments the wooden floors are covered with cowhide rugs colored in brown and black color, which are based on 1950 Albers custom rug. The rug brings modern art feel and a classic look to your apartment. The center of your apartment will look elegant providing a contemporary look at a formerly traditional space. Modern architecture transformation may not be budget friendly, and you may have to make real efforts to make the ends meet but North End apartments are bringing up this project at a very cheap rate.

Opportunity like this comes once in a blue moon, and you should not miss a chance to book a fantastic apartment like this. So, contact your nearest property dealer and get your name registered on the buyers list.